Today, engravers can be divided into several types. Depending on the type, the price and functionality will differ. It is worth considering in more detail what offers are on the market:

  • These are small, battery-powered tools;
  • Laser models are considered the most accurate and expensive. Engraving is carried out under the influence of a laser beam. Usually these are stationary machines;
  • Network – an analogue of battery, but operate from a 220 V network.
  • Working on compressed air.

In addition, all devices can be divided into mobile and stationary. The latter are used in manufacturing enterprises to perform complex work. They can be synchronized with CNC machines.

Below, only manual models will be indicated, stationary ones are not considered.


The device is considered professional due to the high speed of rotation of the shaft (36 thousand revolutions / minute). It has 6 speeds, a convenient switch button, as well as a quick change of attachments. To install a new nozzle, you just need to press the button located at the tip.

Dremel WORKPRO 130 is made of durable metal and high quality plastic. The kit includes several accessories:

  • grinding discs 4 mm (2 pieces);
  • black cutting discs 0.6 mm (10 pieces);
  • connecting rod 38 mm;
  • rubber connecting rod with nickel-plated rod;
  • grinding head.

Mini drill WORKPRO Rotary Tool with nozzles

Due to the low power (130 W), the dremel can only be used for small jobs: drilling plastic, grinding small items. Care must be taken when cutting metal: if you do not work intermittently, you can overheat the motor.

Price RUB 1,511.42 – RUB 1,774.39
Discount fifty%
Rating 4.8
Reviews 484

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Choosing an engraver – what to look for

The main qualities of engravers that should be considered when choosing:

  • Tool weight;
  • Shaft rotation speed;
  • What comes in the kit;
  • What features are important to you;
  • What kind of work do you need a tool for?
  • What price are you expecting?
  • How often will you use the engraver.

Masters most often choose a light engraver, with a working part speed of about 20 thousand per minute, with a large number of nozzles. The mass of the engraver should not exceed 1 kg, otherwise the hands will get tired during manual processing of parts.

The variety of accessories affects the tool’s feature set. For this reason, the number of possible operations proportionally depends on their number. The set may include:

  1. Cam clamps, couplings, pliers;
  2. Engraving accessories;
  3. Polishing and cutting wheels;
  4. Small drills.

Moreover, in addition to attachments, flexible shafts can be attached to the engraving machine, which, due to their length, allow working in hard-to-reach or inconvenient places without any inconvenience.

Below are the main criteria to consider when buying an engraver.

Frequency of use

How often do you use an engraver? If you have to work every day, you will have to buy the most reliable model. And for professional work, it is desirable to provide a power reserve of at least 250 watts. This will allow you to use low speed while running due to the high torque.

Processed material

When choosing a tool, you need to consider the type of material that will be processed. Wood and glass products can be smoothly engraved or sanded with a mini drill at about 20,000 rpm. Super hard steels, high hardness alloys and gemstones are best cut with a 30,000 RPM tool and can be adjusted. Otherwise, it is better to use an impact engraver.

Metal fittings for the engraver
Metal fittings for the engraver

When deciding for what purpose you will use the engraver, you must decide on such characteristics as the mass of the tool, speed and power. At the last stage before buying, a choice is made based on the cost of the model, workmanship, ergonomics and noise level.

Engraver size and weight

Choose the tool that is convenient for you. Engravers are made with minimum weight and dimensions. Their small size becomes possible only in the absence of a cooling system. As a result, the devices overheat, and when using them, you need to take a break in work after 10-15 minutes. This should be taken into account when buying a small device.

Engraver power

When choosing an engraver, engine power is very important. This feature affects the cost of using the tool and its price.


For use at home or in a small workshop, you need to purchase an engraver with a power of no more than 200 W and a rotation speed of 20,000 rpm. Produced professional models with a power of 250 watts.

Shaft speed

Also, when choosing a suitable tool, first consider the maximum and minimum shaft speeds. This feature is important for the quality of material processing. Polishing and grinding are performed at low engine speeds (otherwise the surface of the product may overheat). Both cutting and sharpening of the tool are carried out at high speed. The number of shaft revolutions in modern models ranges from 15,000 to 35,000 rpm.

Make sure the number of turns can be adjusted. Find out about the presence of the engine speed controller. Good products are electronically controlled, and inexpensive models are made with a device that simply reduces the voltage of the motor. These tools cannot be used for precision work.

Engraver attachments

Ask how many different accessories are included, find out if there is a flexible shaft. Sometimes it is more profitable to buy a quality engraver with a minimum of nozzles and, if necessary, purchase them gradually. It mostly depends on your wallet, tool brand and manufacturer.

There are a huge number of varieties of special accessories. Among them are diamond fittings, cutting discs, polishing discs, grinding accessories. They work with glass, metal alloys, stone and other hard and soft materials.

Metal fittings for the engraver
Metal fittings for the engraver

metal connections. There are several types of such devices, they are made on the basis of high-speed steel or aluminum oxide. The shape is individual for different types of work, nozzles are cone-shaped, spherical, round, cylindrical.

Diamond drills are designed for working hard metals, they are often made with diamond coating. Silicon carbide bits are used to work with stone. The size and shape are the same as those of a diamond tool, which allows you to process tiles, marble, glass.

Nozzles for grinding the material are made of rubber interspersed with abrasive crumbs. There are felt cones, they are used to polish the material with a special paste, which is applied to the felt disc. The paste is sold separately or in a set with polishing accessories. Sandpaper accessories allow you to work with metal and wood products. I will sell abrasive circles for processing of ceramic, plastic and metal details.

Typically, the engraver kit includes the most popular accessories. Interchangeable nozzles are attached using a small keyless chuck (allows you to quickly measure the working tool). When changing the tip, the collet takes longer, but it is precisely centered in the collet. For this reason, collet chucks are optimal for precision operations. For different types of work, it is desirable to have both types of cartridges.


The possibilities of small engravers are expanded with various additions. Here are just a few:

  • A special holder will turn your engraver into a drilling machine;
  • The angle attachment is essential for working in awkward or hard to reach places, it can turn your engraver into an angle grinder;
  • A flexible shaft with a special bracket or vise allows you to work comfortably.

Noise and vibration level of the engraver

Most device manufacturers do not indicate this feature in the descriptions of the models, but it is possible to turn it on and find out the level of vibration and noise. Most often, in devices of the middle price category, there are small problems with noise, cheap and weak devices practically do not vibrate and do not make noise due to their low power, and in expensive devices this drawback is necessarily eliminated by the manufacturer. Please note that compared to a conventional grinder and drill, the engraver makes very little noise.

Ergonomic equipment

Choosing an electric engraver with which you need to work on your own, you should not be guided only by reviews about a particular model. It is important to understand how comfortable such equipment is for you, so before buying an engraver, you need to take it, evaluate its weight and ergonomics. It should be borne in mind that it will take a long time to work with the engraver, so it should be comfortable and not cause fatigue during prolonged use.

When evaluating an electric engraver in terms of ergonomic parameters, pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • smoothness of work and the level of noise created by the engraver.
  • quality of workmanship and assembly material;
  • reliability and ease of installation of the flexible shaft, if provided for by the design;
  • convenient location of switches and other controls;
  • convenience and efficiency of change of working nozzles.

We have selected popular models of engravers, and you yourself vote for the best one, in your opinion.


The mini-grinder of this brand has small dimensions (27 x 6.5 cm), 6 switching speeds, high power (480 W). A strong motor allows the Dremel to work as a grinder, polisher, cutting tool. Dremel is suitable for processing metal, artificial and natural stone, and other mineral substrates. It is no less good for wood, ceramics and plastic. Device Specifications:

  • a large number of nozzles in the kit (drills, circles, discs, pads, rings);
  • idle speed – 30 thousand revolutions / minute;
  • voltage – 220 V, frequency – 50–60 Hz;
  • maximum drilling diameter – 6 mm, minimum – 0.5 mm.

Dremler WARSLEY complete with flexible shaft
The only drawback is the increased weight of the dremel, so it is more convenient to work with the use of an external gearbox.

Price RUB 1,679.07 — RUB 2,934.75
Discount 32%
Rating 4.9
Reviews 990

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TOP-5 best manual engravers, from 10,000 rubles


Due to the elongated spindle, it is convenient to work in hard-to-reach places. Power 600 W. Accelerates up to 29,000 rpm. Ideal for welding seams with tungsten carbide burrs.

Metabo GA 18 LTX

Maximum rotational speed 6,000 rpm. Battery engraver. There is overload protection and a dust filter. Works well for cleaning welds.


The cordless engraver can spin up to 35,000 rpm. Available with and without batteries. There are practically no additional accessories in the kit. Suitable for those who already work with BOSCH cordless tools.

Dremel 4000-6/128

Rich equipment engraver Dremel 4000. Power 175 watts. Maximum rotational speed 35,000 rpm. Includes 128 accessories and 6 attachments.

Makita GD0810C

The machine, with a power of 750 watts. Spins up to 7,000 rpm. Ideal for brushing wood. The kit does not include a case and a flexible shaft. The engine pulls even with strong pressure at low speeds.


Dremel of this brand belongs to the middle category in terms of power (180 W). TThis indicator makes it possible to work with small parts from non-hard materials, but it is less than required for cutting metal, ceramics. But the device has the ability to adjust the speed in a wide range (8-30 thousand revolutions / minute). The device boasts compact dimensions (185 x 60 mm).

BDCAT Electric Engraver

The device can be used to solve many business problems. Dremel drills, grinds, polishes and grinds surfaces, easily cuts plastic, wood, thin tin. Advantages of the model:

  • valves for quick change of motor brushes;
  • reliable metal clamp for nozzles;
  • spare brushes and gearbox in the set;
  • drilling depth limiter;
  • rich equipment (140 accessories);
  • cable length – 1.5 meters;
  • weight – 570 g.
Price RUB 1,005.86 – RUB 2,307.56
Discount 55%
Rating 4.8
Reviews 1790

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Under the HILDA brand, a variety of dremels are produced – from tiny ones, the size of a pen, to powerful ones that look like full-fledged drills. Dremels with a power of 180-400 W with speed control up to 25-35 thousand revolutions are popular. The dimensions of such tools are small (up to 270 x 55 mm), they are very convenient to use for domestic purposes, for needlework, hobbies, and crafts. Powerful dremels are well suited for cutting metals, alloys. All products of the brand are distinguished by high build quality, good fit of parts, and the presence of stainless steel nozzles.

Dremel HILDA Electric Drill

Price 914.48 – 2,335.83 rubles.
Discount 43%
Rating 4.9
Reviews 1964

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This is one of the most compact models from HILDA, which looks like a ballpoint pen, and is positioned as an engraving pen. With this dremel you can process the smallest details, it is ideal for jewelry work and home jewelry making. Works on metal, wood, ceramics, glass, plastic using various attachments:

  • polishing head;
  • sponges;
  • grinding disc;
  • drill;
  • saw blades.

Compact engraving pen HILDA 18

The power of the device is the minimum possible – 18 V, but the rotation speed is decent – 5-18 thousand revolutions / minute. Thanks to the weight of 150 g, the tool will not overload the hand. The compactness will also appeal to the master: you don’t have to use a gearbox, although the dremel has a cartridge for mounting it.

Price 869.78 – 1,352.98 rubles.
Discount 41%
Rating 4.8
Reviews 3005

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Which is better to choose an engraver for repair tasks

It is recommended to choose models from well-known manufacturers that are widely represented in the country. This will allow you to find the necessary components for minor repairs. It is worth using original parts to extend the life of the device. It is better to buy the models indicated in this list. But new tools are constantly coming out, so it’s important to know what to look for when buying.

Guided by expert advice, you can make a great purchase. It is important to understand in advance the features of the operation of the tool in order to purchase the required nozzles.


If you need a complete set of accessories for engraving, polishing, drilling and cutting, you should pay attention to this brand of dremel. This tool comes with a huge number of nozzles (275 pieces):

  • polishers;
  • pads;
  • cutting discs;
  • drums;
  • grinding tips;
  • threaded bits;
  • rotating drills;
  • brushes;
  • abrasive sponges.

Electric engraver TUNGFULL with a set of cutting discs

The power of the dremel is 130 W, the rotation speed is up to 37 thousand revolutions with adjustment in 5 positions. It can be used on various artificial and natural materials, including when working with agate, glass, jade, wood. For convenience, there is a clamping chuck for the cord. The kit includes a 1.5 meter cable.

Price 699.50 – 1,906.53 rubles.
Discount 29%
Rating 4.7
Reviews 233

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Dremel brand Newacalox is another tool that is equipped with everything necessary for comfortable work of the master. You don’t have to look for the necessary nozzles in stores or on Aliexpress: their list is exhaustive. This includes 166 accessories:

  • circular saws;
  • clamps;
  • wire brushes;
  • sisal and plastic brushes;
  • brushes;
  • sponges;
  • rugs;
  • grinders;
  • engravers;
  • clamping chucks;
  • sandpaper;
  • wheels;
  • rods;
  • drill;
  • grinding wheels, heads, rollers, balls.

NEWACALOX Variable Speed ​​Mini Electric Drill
The set includes a LED flashlight, a case for a dremel and attachments, goggles. The material of the tool is durable ABS plastic. Nozzles are mostly made of stainless steel, rubber. The power of the product (260 W) allows it to be classified as professional. Work can be carried out according to 6 modes at a speed of 8-30 thousand revolutions / minute. Dremel is easy to use, lightweight, easy to carry from place to place, has a cable length of 1.5 meters. In addition to standard types of work, it is suitable for milling and carving.

Price RUB 1,235.30 – RUB 4,322.57
Discount 53%
Rating 4.7
Reviews 169

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The manufacturer of such a dremel tried to give it an original and stylish look. This property is combined with excellent build quality and excellent functionality of the tool. With a power of 170 W and a speed of 8-35 thousand revolutions, even professionals can use the device. In addition, it has a convenient LCD display and an extra long cord (2 meters). The multi-tool is suitable for different jobs:

  • grinding;
  • engravings;
  • scraping;
  • deburring;
  • drilling;
  • cutting;
  • polishing;
  • milling;
  • precise cutting.

Sander DEKO GJ201 with LCD display in a case
With this dremel, you can cut wires, sharpen some tools, remove old glue or sealant. It is suitable for working with drywall, aluminum, wood, plastic and other materials. The Dremel has a built-in collet chuck that allows you to quickly change accessories. It fits comfortably in the hand thanks to the special shape of the handles and their rubber coating. The rotation speed is changed by pressing one button, while all the necessary information is displayed on the screen. The device has the ability to smoothly adjust the speed, which is important for high accuracy.

Price RUB 2,091.27 – RUB 3,786.11
Discount 44%
Rating 4.8
Reviews 152

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TOP 3 best manual engravers, up to 10,000 rubles

Graphite 59G019

Handy engraver, 170 W power. Disc speed up to 35,000 rpm. Electronic speed control. The spindle does not play. There is no stabilization of revolutions under load. Comes with an uncomfortable but beautiful case.

Dremel 3000-2/25

A good engraver, with a power of 130 watts. Disc speed up to 33,000 rpm. It’s nice to hold in your hand. Even at high speeds it does not play and does not howl.
It is better to take with a bag, and not with a plastic case.

Dremel 8220-1/5

The cordless engraver spins up to 30,000 rpm. Made in Mexico. Comfortable grip. Compatible with Bocsh screwdriver batteries.


The LANXSTAR brand mini drill is a bit reminiscent of the tools of yesteryear: it has a retro design and a special metal coloring. Dremel boasts a strong body, a powerful chuck, nozzles in which you need to fix with a key. The 500W motor makes the dremel professional and provides it with rich features. Product Features:

  • maximum speed – 35 thousand revolutions / minute;
  • the range of holes to be made is 0.5–6.35 mm;
  • cable length – 1.5 m;
  • speed control steps – 6;
  • weight – 1.05 kg;
  • dimensions – 270 x 60 mm.

Rotary electric drill LANXSTAR 7500WS
Due to the impressive mass, it is better to work with such a dremel using a gearbox. It is durable and cuts through the toughest materials with ease. The Dremel comes with a complete set of brushes, polishing discs, drilling and cutting attachments.

Price 798.78 – 3,694.07 rubles.
Discount 5%
Rating 4.9
Reviews fifteen

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Tips and Tricks When Choosing a Hand Engraver

Despite the wide range on the market, not all engravers are in demand, so it is recommended to understand what to look for when choosing.

Important! Before buying, you need to determine the budget in order to buy the best option that meets your needs.

Here are some things to watch out for:

  • power. Models with this indicator up to 200 W do not allow working with hard alloys. They should be used in small workshops for simple jobs.
  • product weight. Do not buy a heavy hand engraver if you plan to use it for a long time, as it will be difficult to complete the necessary work;
  • flexible sleeve. This will help to carry out high-precision work;
  • application area. There are engravers for jewelers, masons, blacksmiths, etc.;
  • turnover speed. Most often, devices with 20 – 35 thousand revolutions per minute are used;
  • the ability to work at low speeds. Not all engravers support this function, but it is necessary for processing soft materials;
  • length of cable. If the model is not powered by a battery, this is an important parameter when carrying out construction work.

All this will allow you to purchase a high-quality and reliable tool that meets specific requirements. In addition, store specialists can provide the necessary assistance in choosing.


Lightweight and compact, the Hawkforce Rotary Dremel can be used anywhere as it is not dependent on an outlet. The device is powered by a lithium-ion battery, and without recharging it operates for 3-5 hours. The weight of the product is only 320 g, therefore, it will not cause hand fatigue.

The advantage of the Dremel is the convenient location of the power buttons, speed control. The latter can vary within 5–25 thousand revolutions. The device is equipped with several LED indicators that reflect all current information about the work. Changing attachments is done with a quick press of a button, and the tool does not even need to be placed on the table.

Cordless Electric Mini Drill HAWKFORCE

The set includes 99 different accessories for grinding, carving, polishing, drilling and more. The LED flashlight illuminates the workspace in low light, and the handle is coated with an anti-slip effect. The model is as ergonomic and comfortable as possible for the user.

Price RUB 2,497.56 – RUB 2,628.39
Discount thirty%
Rating 4.8
Reviews 184

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Lists of the best

We offer you to get acquainted with several models of devices. We highlight the best engravers in the categories:

  • Affordable price.
  • Universal.
  • The best power.

Let’s move on to a detailed description of each category.

Affordable price

Engy EEG-170 has a pleasant quality/price ratio. The device has everything that is necessary for regular and successful work. Especially, I would like to note the absence of vibrations and heating throughout the entire rev range.

Highest disc rotation setting 35000 rpm
Power consumption 170 W
Food from the network
Number of nozzles 40 pcs
Suitcase for the device there is

Cost: 999 rubles.

engraver Engy EEG-170


High-precision and high-quality device – Proxxon FBS 240/E. The device is configured to interact with absolutely any material. It has smooth speed control. Collet diameter is 3.2 mm.

Highest part speedand 20000 rpm
Power consumption 100 W
Food from the network
Suitcase for the device there is
The weight 450 g

Cost: 6061 rubles.

engraver Proxxon FBS 240/E

Best Power

Many models have high power. A large number of customer reviews highlight the DIOLD MED-1 MF model. She is ranked at the top of her category. And also it has a decent package. Its kit includes a flexible shaft, a clamp for mounting a tripod, the tripod itself, a light illumination device, a set of attachments and an epoch-making case for the device.

Maximum disc rotation setting 35000 rpm
Power consumption 170 W
Dimensions 230×80 mm
The weight 500 g

Cost: 6061 rubles.

engraver DIOLD MED-1 MF


This dremel is powered by 220-240 V, its power is 130 W, the speed is up to 30 thousand revolutions / minute. The tool is perfect for home use, has an adjustable speed step (5 positions). Thanks to smooth switching, the risk of damage to the part and the tool itself is reduced.

Electric Dremler with GOXAWEE Universal Cartridge

Dremel allows you to solve a whole range of tasks when repairing, modeling, while doing hand-made, when applying engraving. It is suitable for working with plastic, glass, ceramics, thin metal, wood. In addition to polishing and grinding, the Dremel is used for sharpening, shaping, removing, scraping, cutting and drilling. Includes 130 accessories, power cord and handy storage case.

Price 938.15 – 2,576.45 rubles.
Discount 60%
Rating 4.8
Reviews 2951

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Mini Electric Drill TOOME

The Dremel with TOOME sanding accessories set is a stylish and compact multi-tool at a low price. It has a small length (17 cm) and is equipped with a convenient button for quick change of attachments right during the workflow. The kit includes a variety of accessories:

  • grinding discs;
  • brushes and brushes;
  • devices for rubbing and polishing;
  • drill;
  • circles;
  • cutters;
  • files.

Toome Multifunctional Mini Engraving Pen

The mini pen is powered by an 18V battery, has several continuously adjustable speeds for high-speed grinding or low-speed polishing (limit – 18 thousand revolutions). With the help of a dremel, you can engrave metal and wood, clean surfaces of glue and sealant, cut and carry out many other operations.

Price 878.98 – 1,076.87 rubles.
Discount fifty%
Rating 4.8
Reviews 1735

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This multifunctional dremel is well suited for household work. It has low power (130 W). For mini-repairs and hobbies, the device is ideal: it cuts, drills, grinds, makes workpieces from different materials. Also, the tool forms, creates recesses and grooves, cuts conical holes. The speed of the drill is adjustable within 8-30 thousand revolutions. A rich set of accessories will allow the master to immediately pick up everything you need for work. Device Specifications:

  • dimensions – 175 x 55 mm;
  • number of speeds – 6;
  • replaceable brushes;
  • collet size – 1.5 mm, 2.3 mm, 3.5 mm;
  • cable – 1.5 m;
  • weight – 570 g.

Mini engraver TASP MMD001 with a set of nozzles

Price RUB 1,675.78 – RUB 2,346.35
Discount 49%
Rating 4.9
Reviews 950

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Rating TOP 7 best engravers

There are a large number of engravers on the market today. This article will help you choose a quality device that performs the functions. Consider some models:

  • Whirlwind G-160GV.
  • Hammer MD050B.
  • Dremel 4000-6/128.
  • Bort BCT-140.
  • Hammer MD170A.
  • Dremel 4000-4/65.

Consider the detailed characteristics of each model.


The compact engraver VORTEX G-160GV opens our rating. It comes in a handy storage case. The device has a number of advantages. Firstly, the speed control during operation is provided. Secondly, there is a special button on the handle, with which the power button of the device is blocked.

Maximum disc speed setting 30000 rpm
Case included there is
Collet size 2.3 – 3.2 mm 2.3 – 3.2 mm
Number of nozzles 38 pcs
Current frequency 50 Hz

Price: from 1790 to 2205 rubles.

engraver VORTEX G-160GV

  • light (0.67 kg);
  • additional nozzles (38 pieces);
  • quiet operation (lack of vibration and sound);
  • the presence of a flexible shaft;
  • the presence of a loop for hanging.
  • lack of lubrication in the flexible shaft.

For several years I have been fond of grinding carving elements on artistic furniture. The engraver is one of the most important tools for my hobby. This model is quite comfortable, light and perfectly fits the hand. Maneuvering them is a pleasure. Even after long work, the hand does not get tired. Understaffed it with a set of special felt and emery nozzles for wood. A good case is included in the package.

Hammer MD050B

Perfect for doing entertaining work on small and hard-to-reach parts. For regular operation, the kit includes a power adapter and a plug for a car cigarette lighter. The device easily copes with cutting, grinding, drilling, sharpening, polishing and even engraving products.

Highest part speed setting 15000 rpm
Source of power net
Collet size 1, 2.4, 3, 3.2mm
Number of nozzles 80 pcs
Overload protection missing

Price: from 995 to 4219 rubles.

Engraver Hammer MD050B

  • an impressive set of nozzles (80 pieces);
  • quality assembly;
  • possibility of regulation of turns;
  • the ability to work from a car network 12 V.
  • weak bearing (poor metal quality);
  • clamping head not centered.

With the purchase of a set this time did not lose. The device is comfortable and smart. During prolonged operation, the device does not overheat. The big plus, of course, is the cost. At the same time, there are a lot of additional devices. Turnovers are adjustable, the noise is barely audible. I use the device mainly for engraving and grinding various parts.

Dremel 4000-6/128

You will receive this model in a stylish aluminum case. The Dremel 4000-6/128 has a rich set of equipment: a handle for precision work, a linear milling compass, an angle attachment, a cutting guide, a grinding platform and a flexible shaft. Also, I would like to note, and about its capabilities. It freely fixes the spindle, adjusts the speed, and is even able to stabilize some speed.

Maximum disc speed 35000 rpm
The size 41×43 mm
Additional handle there is
Number of nozzles 128 pcs
Case included there is

Cost: from 12368 to 14784 rubles.

engraver Dremel 4000-6/128

  • good location of the on / off button (do not interfere at hand);
  • interesting nozzles and their variety (128 pieces);
  • power key lock;
  • the presence of a handle for precise work.
  • low quality accessories.

The parcel arrived today. I’m happy as a cat. Already tried it and now I decided to immediately share with you. Sawed off a large nut. The device coped with 10 +. did well. The kit is good, but still had to order an additional cartridge. Almost does not make noise, vibrates a little, as some wrote, the constant mechanism seems to work well. A little later I will test it in more detail and use it. In case of problems, I will add a review.


Another interesting graver model. It has an attractive appearance – it is made in a brightly saturated red color. Excellent product assembly. A distinctive feature is the presence of a digital display, which displays data on the operation of the device.

Highest part rotation setting 35000 rpm
Collet size 2.4/3.2mm
Digital display there is
Number of nozzles 120 pcs
Case included there is

Cost: from 2549 to 2642 rubles.

engraver ELITECH ПШМ 170ЭЖК

  • electronic speed control;
  • user-friendly interface (location of buttons);
  • high power (170 W);
  • quality fittings.
  • weak script when tightening the cartridge;
  • lack of lubrication of the flexible shaft.

The machine is created in the image and likeness of the dremel 4000, but with individual characteristics. Excellent digital indication of speed, good and high-quality kit (all components are Chinese, they are easy to find on the relevant sites). A nice addition is a handy case with numerous roomy compartments. For home work, the engraver is simply wonderful. After a while, you can slightly change the details / add accessories. Buy another flexible shaft, pick up new nozzles. I heartily recommend for home use. You won’t find a better set for this price. And I believe that ELITECH will not let you down.

Bort BCT-140

On the fifth line is the device model Bort BCT-140. Many buyers praise the centering. Complementing the engraver is a quality storage box and great attachments. During prolonged use, the device does not heat up at all. Also in the store (DNS) you can find additional consumables for it.

Number of nozzles 42 pcs
Maximum disc speed 32000 rpm
Maximum collet size 3.2 mm
Minimum RPM 8000 rpm
Case included there is

Price: from 1172 to 2040 rubles.

engraver Bort BCT-140

  • availability of spare brushes in the kit;
  • the presence of a warranty card (for a period of 1 year);
  • the ability to control turnover.
  • large weight (1.2 kg; for a long time it is difficult to maneuver such a device).

For six months of operation, the device has never let me down. Enough power for home use. Works quietly, calmly. I don’t see any noise or vibration at all. Nice set at a reasonable price. A set of nozzles and a plastic box included.

Hammer MD170A

As with all of the above models, the device receives power from the network. The tool can easily cope with drilling, cutting, grinding, engraving and polishing. Thanks to the locking of the spindle, you can quickly and easily change the nozzles.

Highest part rotation setting 35000 rpm
Minimum RPM 8000 rpm
Maximum collet size 3.2 mm
Number of nozzles 160 pcs
Case included there is

Cost: from 2380 to 4930 rubles.

Engraver Hammer MD170A

  • the presence of a table on approximate high-speed modes of operation;
  • the presence of a bag for carrying;
  • the number of additional nozzles (160 pieces);
  • tripod for suspension.

I use it regularly at work. The drill beats normally, the flexible shaft too. Collets are suitable from standard Chinese devices for every taste from 0.1 and larger. In general, the device costs its 2.5 thousand rubles. The metal cuts well, the same shank for the cartridge was cut off with the abrasive wheels included in the kit. In general, I recommend to purchase!

Dremel 4000-4/65

Seven closes the device model Dremel 4000-4 / 65. It has a flexible shaft, a linear milling compass, 65 quality bits, an additional handle, a sharpening and grinding platform, and a roomy carrying case.

Maximum disc speed 35000 rpm
Minimum RPM 5000 rpm
Additional handle there is
Number of nozzles 65 pcs
Suitcase for the device there is

Price: from 9029 to 12183 rubles.

engraver Dremel 4000-4/65

  • high power (175 W);
  • the presence of a speed controller;
  • the presence of a warranty card (for a period of 1 year);
  • angular and circular nozzles.
  • no cons found.

Great tool for precision work. Tiles, glass, sheet metal, grinding, polishing – the device is multifunctional. It is more profitable to take along with nozzles, so it turns out cheaper in terms of money. Look for different nozzles in dental stores – the prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Threaded Dust Collector NewOne

Under this brand, a special nozzle for dremels is produced. This is a fan for woodworking operations. A durable plastic and aluminum alloy part rotates quickly during woodworking, creating a powerful airflow and blowing off dust. In addition, the fixture is suitable for many other tools, without interfering with the attachment of the main nozzle. The part is suitable for internal shafts 9/32 x 0.75 mm.

Dremel blower attachment

Price 71.66 – 644.94 rubles.
Discount ten%
Rating 4.6
Reviews 45

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The engraving pen of this brand is used as a mini-drill with the ability to adjust speeds within 10–37 thousand revolutions. Its length is 16 cm, width – 5 cm, weight – 550 g. Dremel processes metal, natural, artificial stone, wood, plastic. Allows you to grind, make holes and grooves, work with ceramics and jewelry, great for woodworking.

Hemuyou engraving drill with variable speed

Price 887.53 – 3,155.64 rubles.
Discount thirty%
Rating 4.8
Reviews 40

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Dremel is an indispensable tool in the arsenal of the master. Inexpensive but very effective. Due to its versatility, the Dremel can solve many tasks and replace several expensive tools.