Plastic windows rarely freeze through, perfectly protect against drafts, open and close easily, but only if they are maintained in good condition. Do-it-yourself seasonal adjustment of plastic windows (winter-summer) is not such a difficult task, especially if the product was installed relatively recently and its mechanisms did not have time to wear out. Let’s talk about how to maintain a PVC window system before the onset of cold weather.

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Do you need specialist help

Today, there are more and more companies and private traders specializing in the maintenance and repair of window systems. If the owner of the apartment does not want to figure out how to adjust plastic windows for the winter, he can turn to professionals. But their work still needs to be controlled. At the same time, services are not so cheap – for example, in large cities, you will have to pay 1,500-3,000 rubles for calling a master. plus 300-500 rubles. for setting up each leaf (for a balcony door – 800-1,200 rubles). It’s easier to do everything by hand.

If the invited master insists on replacing the fittings on a relatively new window (installed less than 10 years ago), you should not immediately agree. It is better to consult with other experts.

How often is adjustment required

Specialists in the manufacture and installation of translucent structures recommend adjusting the pressure of the shutters twice a year – in spring and autumn. Of course, this is quite troublesome, but in this way you can achieve the most comfortable conditions in the apartment and the fresh air flow required by the standards. The principle here is very simple: for the winter, the pressure of the sashes against the box is strengthened, and weakened for the summer. Switching serviceable fittings to winter and summer modes will take only a few minutes (for each sash).


Stages of adjusting plastic windows for the winter

Checking the sash and porch

Before proceeding with the adjustment of the locking mechanism, you need to make sure that the sash is not sagging and closes easily. If it touches the box, then the hinges are first adjusted. To do this, you need to remove the decorative caps and turn the adjusting screws with a screwdriver or hexagon, which are usually two on each hinge. The screws move the sash up and down and left and right by 2-3 mm.


The next stage of preparation is to check the porch and search for leaks (usually they are found in the corners). To do this, you just need to run along the perimeter of the sash with a lighter flame or with a wet hand – this way you will feel a draft even in relatively warm weather. It is necessary to strengthen the clamp only in those areas where there is a leak.

If the apartment is constantly stuffy, but at the same time you do not want to install supply valves, you can ensure the flow of air with the help of fittings by loosening the pressure at the top of the flaps.


Further, adjusting plastic windows on your own for the winter will be much easier. The algorithm of actions depends on the brand and the specific series of the mechanism, but usually, to change the clamping force, you need to rotate the eccentric pins (there are at least two of them on each leaf, more often four) – for this you need a 4 or 6 mm hex key. Sometimes there are “+” and “-” signs on the trunnion, then turning towards “+” increases the pressure. After turning the key by about 10 degrees, as shown in the photo below, it is necessary to check the tightness of the porch again, and so on until the window closes tightly enough. If you immediately turn the trunnion 45-90 degrees, then when you try to lock the sash, you can damage the mechanism.

Some older models of fittings do not require adjustment of trunnions, but strikers or hooks on the box, which are also moved using eccentrics. Alas, in this case, the process may fail, especially if the window is more than 10 years old.

Parts cleaning

Simultaneously with the adjustment, the fold and fittings are usually cleaned. For a long time, it was believed that all moving parts of a plastic window should be lubricated once a year with silicone or other universal grease. However, practice has shown that in urban conditions, the lubricant is quickly covered with a layer of dust and soot from exhausts, and its replacement turns into a dirty and complicated procedure. It makes more sense to simply wash and dry the porch area thoroughly twice a year, and then apply a WD-40 type water-displacing fluid to the moving parts.

Folded (internal, invisible when closed) surfaces can be washed with ordinary soapy water, but it is better to purchase a special cleaner for plastic. It contains protective additives, antistatic agent and glycerine, which refreshes the PVC surface. Do not use detergents for sanitary ware and steel utensils, which often contain rather coarse abrasives, as well as bleach and acids – reaction with these substances can lead to discoloration of plastic and rusting of fittings. It is undesirable to use a hard sponge, a regular cloth is preferable.

Also, during seasonal maintenance, it is important not to forget to clean the drainage holes in the upper and lower frame profiles – they are clearly visible when the doors are open, and are closed with decorative caps from the outside. If these holes become clogged with dirt, then during rain, moisture will accumulate in the clearance, penetrate into the room, and in winter the sashes may even freeze to the frame. It is not necessary to remove the protective caps of the drain holes. Cleaning is carried out from the opposite side (from the side of the fold).

Replacing seals

If, after adjusting the hinges and the locking mechanism, the tightness has not improved, most likely the problem lies in worn seals. It is difficult to replace them yourself, without tools and skills, and new gaskets are sold mainly in specialized stores, which are very few even in large cities. Therefore, it is easier to order a service. Its price is still the same 1,500-3,000 rubles. for the visit of the master plus from 150 rubles. per meter of sealant.

Seals are easily damaged during replacement. Therefore, if you decide to get down to business yourself, buy gaskets with a margin.

In conclusion, we suggest watching a video on adjusting plastic windows on your own for the winter, where instructions and tips are given.

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