Entrance door for a country house: 5 selection criteria

Photo: Leganza

1. Burglar resistance

This parameter is considered the main one. Indeed, the door block is required to protect against uninvited intrusion. To do this, it must belong to at least class I according to GOST R 51113-97. If you want the design to resist not only manual, but also electric tools, look for a class II-III model.

However, it should be borne in mind that a good door is useless if there is no adequate protection on the windows or the walls of the house themselves are not strong enough. In addition, overcoming any passive obstacle is a matter of time. That is, if you leave the house for a long time, it makes sense to connect it to the console security system.

2. Thermal insulation

Unfortunately, a low thermal insulation index is an “inherent” disadvantage of a steel door. It is possible to order a product made of profiles with a thermal break or equipped with an electric heating system for the porch zone and the lock pocket (to avoid freezing of the door leaf and blocking the locks). However, both of these solutions are expensive.

It is easier and cheaper to install a second (tambour) door made of wood closer to the room – as a rule, the thickness of the walls in a country house allows you to do this.

Entrance door for a country house: 5 selection criteria

Filling the canvas and the box with expanded polystyrene or polyurethane foam improves the thermal insulation characteristics of the door block, but does not save from freezing in the area of ​​​​the lock and hinges. A multi-layer “stuffing” is somewhat more effective. Photo: Leganza

3. Decorative

The front door is an important element of the facade, it is obliged to decorate the building. As a rule, embossed panels, a protruding layout, massive hinges and a handle are welcome. The design of the canvas can be supplemented with glass inserts and forged details. Alas, such decor is not cheap and you should come to terms with the fact that a door for a country house will cost at least one and a half times more expensive than an apartment door.

Photo: Gerda

Photo: Vladimir Grigoriev

4. Corrosion resistance

No canopy is able to completely protect the structure from moisture, and it is not uncommon for rust to appear on the canvas and box after 5-10 years of operation. Therefore, it is highly desirable that the main parts be galvanized or coated with a special primer or paint.

Entrance door for a country house: 5 selection criteria

A small visor will not protect against slanting rain. It is better to provide a porch with a canopy in the project. Photo: Gerda

5. Weatherproof finish

Ordinary vinyl plastic exterior panels often burn out in the sun, and MDF products delaminate when exposed to moisture. The optimal finish of the entrance street door is marine plywood, solid wood or powder coating.

Entrance door for a country house: 5 selection criteria

Most steel doors are finished on the outside with laminated panels that are not always weather resistant. This parameter must be clarified with the seller and inquire about the warranty period for the panel (it must be at least two years). Photo: Torex

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