Often when creating a manicure, we face the question: “Which color to choose”? And each girl chooses a shade for herself according to taste or occasion. Conventionally, all shades of gel polishes can be divided into two categories: universal colors and other bright shades. Universal manicure is the one that goes with almost any outfit – white, black, gray, red, beige and pastel. If you want to make a more complex design, choose a bright color scheme, but when combining colors, take into account their undertones. Also, when choosing a color, you should pay attention to the length of the nails. You should not choose a bright color for a manicure on short nails, it is better to use lighter shades. Having decided on the color scheme, you can come up with a design. See the article for ideas of a beautiful manicure grouped by colors and seasons of the year.

  • The combination of shades in manicure.
  • Top 8. TNL Professional 8 Senses, №001

    Rating (2021): 4.60

    112 reviews from resources were taken into account: Yandex.Market, IRecommend, Ozon, Wildberries, Tnlpro

    bright pigment The shade will definitely appeal to those who love the brightest tones. White color from TNL Professional literally glows in the dark.

    The thickest texture Some masters prefer thick textures, others only medium ones. In any case, this feature of TNL white gel polish should be considered when buying.

    The TNL brand has long established itself as a quality manufacturer of gel polishes. The 8 Senses line includes 350 shades, including white. Tone 001 is distinguished by bright pigment, even application and dense texture. This is a pure white color, without cream and nude impurities. It looks very bright and attracts attention. When applied, the gel polish self-levels and does not spread onto the cuticle. The texture is applied in 1 dense layer or 2 thin ones. It is worth noting that the texture of the gel polish is quite thick. For professional masters, this will not be a problem, but for beginners or amateurs, application may seem complicated. For the same reason, varnish is not suitable for French.

    Pros and cons

    • bright pigment
    • Lies exactly
    • Doesn’t streak
    • Beautiful glossy sheen
    • It swells if it doesn’t dry well.
    • The white color is very thick
    • May not be suitable for beginners

    Dance Legend Step Thermo Velvet Lacquer, 11 ml

    Dance Legend Step Thermo Velvet Lacquer, 11 ml
    Photo: https://market.yandex.ru/

    Luxurious velvet collection Dance Legend attracts with original shades and “dusted” finish. Available in 30 enamel pastel colors, you can easily find an option for a festive and everyday manicure. The highly pigmented liquid texture provides thick and even coverage in 2 coats, and with the included fine brush you can easily work out fine details for a professional result. Having painted your nails with velvet varnish, let them dry for 10 minutes and forget about manicure correction for 5 days.

    Dance Legend Step Thermo Velvet Lacquer, 11 ml


    • unusual range of colors
    • affordable price
    • stamina
    • does not damage the plate
    • optimal texture


    • when applied tightly, the coating bubbles

    Top 4. Lianail All Stars Snow Maiden

    Rating (2021): 4.71

    Considered 20 reviews from resources: Yandex.Market, Wildberries, Sima-land

    Application in 1 layer The dream of many beginners and experienced craftsmen. This is a big plus and a rarity for white gel polish. Application in one coat saves time and simplifies application.

    A frequent participant in the ratings of white gel polishes. Lianail All Stars is interesting because it is applied in just one layer. More precisely, one layer is enough for a bright uniform pigment. When applied, the texture of the varnish self-levels, due to the average density, there are no difficulties with drawing the cuticles. In wearing, the model also shows good results. With proper application and drying, gel polish can stay on nails without chips and cracks for up to 4 weeks. The pigment does not fade and does not turn yellow. Many masters recommend Lianail All Stars for a jacket, as its color looks natural. Of the minuses in the reviews, difficult drying is mentioned. Beginners may not cope with this task the first time.

    Pros and cons

    • natural white color
    • High quality permanent pigment
    • One layer is enough
    • Lasts up to 4 weeks
    • Difficulties with drying
    • The brush will loosen over time

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    Shades of nude manicure 2021-2022 and chrome design – trends

    Fashionable manicure colors.  Photo, color trend ideas in nail art
    It is unlikely that the sphere of nail art will do without such shades as white, oily, beige, coffee, which allow modeling a truly elegant, simple and concise nail design.
    Gold and silver is another nail art trend that will create wonderful chrome nails for you for special occasions and parties.

    Chrome shades of lacquers will present for you a wonderful gold and silver nail art, suitable for the New Year holidays.

    Beige shades of manicure and white are basic, look great for the implementation of both classic and new techniques, minimalist solutions.

    On beige nails, you can also experiment with contrasting stripes, peas, hearts, decorative ornaments and texture patterns.


    Black manicure is considered the most fashionable, especially on short and square nails in shape. This color, like natural shades, is versatile and classic. The only color that does not go well with black is brown. They are not very “friendly” with each other and irrevocably spoil the image.

    Black color

    Red and burgundy shades of manicure 2021-2022 – trends

    Fashionable manicure colors.  Photo, color trend ideas in nail art
    Always up-to-date red is a classic of nail art that has been admiring women all over the world for many years in a row.
    Short and long red nails will captivate with amazing design, chic decor, gorgeous shades, in particular chili and tomato.

    Another chic manicure color 2021-2022 is burgundy. Shades – wine, cherry will help create a wonderful elegant nail design, in harmony with rhinestones, sparkles, light and dark tones.

    No base

    Yes, in some cases this is possible. There are single-phase materials: base, color and top in one bottle. Very good for pedicure, because they do not give an extra thickness of the coating, and the nails are not threatened with squeezing.

    But on the hands, as a rule, they stand poorly, with the exception of very hard and durable natural nails. Single-phase, unlike the classic base, it is impossible to build a wearable architecture of the nail (in other words, to make an alignment for survivability). It’s better not to risk it.

    Take a look at the trendy take on classic designs with a base: Sun in Hands: Manicure options for summer 2021 that will lift your spirits.

    Mirror rub

    Iridescent mirror rubs seem to last at least a few more seasons. Particularly relevant are chameleon shades, such as green-violet or raspberry-gold.

    Mirror rub - Trendy colors of manicure 2020-2021
    Photo: www.o-tendencii.com

    Mirror rub - Trendy colors of manicure 2020-2021
    Photo: prelestno24.ru

    Mirror rub - Trendy colors of manicure 2020-2021
    Photo: aexpress.ru.com

    Transparent coating

    The fashion for naturalness has returned “naked” nails to trends. Masters cover them with just a thin layer of top for strength, perhaps with a small design element.

    Transparent coating - Trendy manicure colors 2020-2021
    Photo: mospravda.ru

    Transparent coating - Trendy manicure colors 2020-2021
    Photo: top10a.ru

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    Rigidity Compliance

    There are soft materials (for example, rubber, they are distinguished by density and elasticity) and hard (thin, similar in structure to glass). What happens if you put a hard color on a soft base? The same as putting thin glass on a pillow: at the slightest pressure it will crack. A soft base + hard color scheme will give chips from the free edge or gossamer type cracks in the nail fold area if the length is left.

    Compliance with stiffness will significantly increase the life of your manicure. Feel free to ask your master about it.