Rules for care and restoration

When washing a wooden window, it is advisable not to allow the alcohol detergent composition for glass to get on the frame and sash parts, which should be wiped with a rag or sponge (but not made of artificial felt – scotch brite) dipped in clean water. It is necessary to wash not only the glass, the inner and outer surfaces of the frames, but also the rebate area (the junction of the sashes to the frame), including seals. Silicone grease should not be applied to the seals, as it will collect abrasive dust.

To extend the life of frames and window fittings, special care is required. In addition, sometimes it becomes necessary to replace seals and double-glazed windows: the former may wear out or tear, the latter may crack from impact or as a result of thermal shock.

The key to successful care of wooden frames is the right choice of protective and repair compounds that should be tested on the rebate surface.

The paint coating (usually acrylic or alkyd varnish) on the outer surfaces of windows lasts an average of 7-8 years, and on the inside – at least 15 years. But if, with each wash, the surfaces are treated with protective emulsions (in fact, highly diluted varnishes) of Aido, Remmers, Sikkens, etc., then the life of the coating can be extended by 1.5–2 times.

If visible defects (cracks, varnish peeling) appear, the frames must first be cleaned with sandpaper with a grit P120–P150, then P180–P220. If deep cracks are found, they need to be expanded with a knife, and the areas of rotten wood should be completely removed. Further, the damage is repaired with acrylic or epoxy putty – there are colored compounds on sale that imitate different types of wood. Finally, a clear varnish for outdoor use, azure or hard wax oil is applied (if the manufacturer recommends pre-priming the surface, this must be done); glass before starting painting work is protected with paper tape.

The most difficult thing to repair is chipped colored lacquer or enamel. For small defects, an ordinary indelible marker will help out – brown, black, yellow or gray. If the area of ​​damage is large, the repair coating must be precisely matched in color. In order for you to tint varnish or enamel in the desired tone in the store, you should use the printed RAL palette or the RAL-Detector mobile application, RAL colors, etc.

Fittings need lubrication every 3-5 years – for this purpose, a composition based on silicone, graphite or lithium (lithol) is suitable, before applying which it is worth treating moving parts with WD-40 water-displacing fluid.

Some companies recommend adjusting the locking mechanism of a wooden window twice a year – in the fall, increasing the pressure of the sashes against the frame, and loosening it in the spring. However, inept adjustment will do more harm than good, and frequent visits by service technicians will cost a lot. Therefore, in practice, the locking pins are adjusted only if a draft is felt or the sash closes with a large pressure force (the reason for both usually lies in the warping of the wooden parts).

Occasionally, after several years of operation, the sashes sag and begin to touch the frame – in this case, pulling the fasteners and adjusting the hinges help.

Seals are usually made of modified rubber or silicone and are tucked into L-shaped grooves on the sashes and frames and are relatively easy to remove. It is more difficult to find products of the same section and install them in place.

Fortunately, today window seals of the most common sizes have already begun to be sold in large chain hardware stores. A curved spatula with rounded corners will help to install the gaskets. As a last resort and as a temporary measure, you can keep the old seals and install additional self-adhesive ones in places of damage.

The sealing gasket will be easier to insert into the profile groove if moistened with soapy water

Double-glazed window replacement

In modern wooden windows, the glazing beads that press the double-glazed window to the sash trim are usually not nailed, but planted on a sealant; to dismantle them, you need to carefully cut two adhesive seams with a wallpaper knife – at the junction with the sash and the glass.

It is not always possible to remove the glazing beads without damaging them, and it is not easy to paint new ones in the color of the frames, since the tree tends to darken over time. Therefore, for the service, it is best to contact the company that manufactured the structures, or an experienced carpenter. Today, replacement of double-glazed windows costs 30–60% of the cost of a window.

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