But how not to miss the choice? What to look for when buying, which machine does the majority recommend?

We have studied the range of the brand in 2021 to help you and identify the most functional and reliable models in terms of price / quality.

The rating was compiled not only on the basis of technical parameters, but also on the basis of customer and expert reviews.

Top 12 best Philips hair clippers 2021

Place Name Price
TOP 5 best Philips hair clippers by price/quality for 2021
one Philips HC5100 Series 5000 Ask for a price
2 Philips QC5125 Series 3000 Ask for a price
3 Philips QC5115 Series 3000 Ask for a price
four Philips QC5130 Series 3000 Ask for a price
5 Philips HC3505/15 Series 3000 Ask for a price
TOP 4 best Philips professional hair clippers
one Philips MG7735 Ask for a price
2 Philips HC1091 Ask for a price
3 Philips HC5650 Series 5000 Ask for a price
four Philips HC5610 Series 5000 Ask for a price
TOP 3 best Philips beard and mustache trimmers
one Philips HC3510/15 Series 3000 Ask for a price
2 Philips HC5612 Ask for a price
3 Philips HC3530/15 Series 3000 Ask for a price

Lists of the best

You have learned about the features of different Philips hair clippers that have become popular in 2019-2020. Let’s take a look at the best of them in terms of price-quality ratio in the following categories:

  • the best Philips family hair clipper;
  • the best Philips combo hair clipper;
  • The best Philips corded hair clipper.

The best Philips family hair clipper

Machine QC5115 for family use.

In this category, we can distinguish the QC5115 hair clipper from Philips. It is intended for family use, as it can be used by both an adult and a child. Blades are made of stainless steel. Without a comb, the length of the haircut will be 0.5, and with a nozzle from 3 to 21 mm in 2 mm increments.

The motor is powerful yet quiet. Therefore, the device will not frighten the child and the haircut will be comfortable. Vibration is minimal, which is also convenient in using Philips equipment.

TOP 10 best hair clippers from Philips: rating, differences, which one to buy, price, pros and cons

The ends of the blades are rounded and therefore will not cut the skin during the procedure, even without the use of a nozzle. The blades are maintenance-free as they are self-sharpening. This ensures long service life and eliminates the cost of lubrication and sharpening.

An example of a Philips device in hand and a removable head.

The hand will not get tired of operating the machine, as the device has an ergonomic handle design and weighs 285 g. It fits comfortably in the hand and does not slip during operation. The head is hinged and therefore the device can be easily cleaned from hair that has fallen into it. For this, a special brush is included in the kit.

Mains power only. The machine will not slow down when the battery is discharged, as is often the case with a combined type of power supply. This means that the quality of the work will be top notch.

The Philips device supports voltage of different standards, which means it will not burn out during power surges.

The best Philips combo hair clipper

Clipper HC9450 Philips in use.

This category includes the HC9450 model, which belongs to the 9000 series. This machine cuts hair with high precision and quality. Digital touch control on the case with a step of 0.1 mm. With this device, up to 400 lengths from 0.5 to 42 mm can be set.

An example of operating and displaying information on the display of a Philips device.

You just need to install the comb and use the sensor to set the desired option. Three nozzles are included in the kit: from 1 to 7, from 7 to 24 and from 24 to 42 mm. If used without a comb, the length of the hair cut will be 0.5.

TOP 10 best hair clippers from Philips: rating, differences, which one to buy, price, pros and cons

The blade is made of titanium, which is much stronger than stainless steel and therefore the device will last longer. In addition, the knives are self-sharpening and do not require additional care. All this ensures comfortable work with the device and high quality hair cut without jerks, bald spots and remaining untreated areas.

In addition, the Philips machine has a turbo mode. It turns on automatically and allows you to continue cutting on thick hair without slowing down. The knife block has a double sharpening with low friction. The blades do not get hot and do not deteriorate.

The machine will remember up to three length combinations on each nozzle and you do not need to remember every time which mode you used to cut your loved ones.

The battery is lithium-ion and does not lose charge when recharging. The Philips hair clipper charges quickly in 1 hour and has a battery life of 120 minutes. If necessary, you can connect to the network.

The best Philips corded hair clipper

Complete Philips hair clipper QC5125.

This model does not have removable combs. There is one adjustable nozzle with 10 modes from 3 to 21 mm. You can install the desired option on the side, where there is a markup. The comb is fixed well and does not move during the haircut.

Type of adjustment on the QC5125 model from Philips.

The blades are made of steel and are rounded to reduce the risk of injury to the skin. Therefore, this Philips model can also be used as a family model. The adjustable comb with rounded ends lifts the hair well. All this also allows you to do quality work and cut hair well, without leaving bald spots and “antennas”.

Works only from the network, but the cord can be removed. This was done for ease of storage and avoidance of creases in the wire.

The width of the knife block is 4 cm. This makes it possible to remove a sufficient amount of hair in one pass and complete the job faster. The motor is quite powerful, but at the same time almost silent and with reduced vibration. This gives additional comfort and you can safely cut your children’s hair.

Philips machine weight 300 gr. Together with the ergonomic design of the handle, this gives additional comfort during operation and the hand will not get tired.

How to choose a Philips hair clipper?

When buying, pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Frame. The machine should be light and comfortable in the palm of your hand, not slip when using.
  2. Power type. There are mains powered models and battery models. Consider the battery life and the time you spend on recharging the machine.
  3. nozzles. If you are the owner of a mustache or beard and take care of them regularly, then your new machine must have attachments for cutting facial hair. Desirable – with the ability to adjust the length.
  4. Blades. Below we will tell you what material they are made of and you can make your choice.
  5. Noise and vibration level. Inexpensive models often vibrate a lot, which distracts from work and causes discomfort. It’s good if you have the opportunity to run the model before buying to evaluate how much noise it makes.
  6. Wet cleaning function. Eliminates the need to clean the machine with a brush, just rinse it under running water.
  7. Charge indicator. Actual for battery or combined models, indicates the need to put the machine on recharging.

What criteria to pay attention to when choosing?

A huge variety of Philips machines can puzzle an unprepared user. We find out what important points you need to pay attention to before going to the store:

  • Food. Philips hair clippers run on mains or built-in battery. A number of models have the ability to receive energy from both the mains and the battery. The first option is the most productive, the second is the most autonomous, the third is the most practical.
  • Working hours. Philips cordless cars work autonomously from 45 to 100 minutes (depending on the model). This time range is sufficient for one or more procedures. Some devices have a built-in charge indicator, which is very convenient.
  • Knife block. The most important component of the cutting device in Philips machines is often made of durable and practical stainless steel. Blades made of non-heating, but fragile ceramics can be found in expensive devices. The best models are equipped with self-sharpening knives.
  • Haircut length adjustment. A wide range of adjustment in Philips machines allows you to perform both short and long haircuts, experiment. Changing the height of the hair cut is done by changing the nozzles or adjusting the blades with a special regulator.
  • Additional options. Additional features on Philips clippers include wet cleaning for rinsing blades under the tap, self-sharpening blades, low battery indicator and more. When choosing a machine, you should pay attention to additional functionality, taking into account its need.

What is the best blade material?

At the moment, blades for machines are used from the following materials:

  1. Stainless steel – the most popular and budget option. Reliable and durable, but prone to heat, and in people allergic to nickel or chromium, may cause an unwanted reaction. But they sharpen on their own.
  2. Diamond coated steel – very sharp, suitable for even the toughest hair.
  3. Titanium knives – very durable, for people with sensitive scalp and prone to allergies.
  4. Steel with Teflon – provides perfect glide, the haircut is fast, does not electrify the hair.
  5. Ceramic blades – suitable for all types of hair, do not heat up, but need sharpening and can be damaged if the device falls.

When choosing blades, be guided by your budget and sensitivity.

Top 3 beard and mustache machines

Philips OneBlade QP2530

The device is equipped with a double-sided blade. Allows you to wet shave, trim stubble, shave, create contours. It is completed with nozzles for 1, 2, 3 and 5 mm. Works without electricity for 60 minutes, full charge time – 4 hours. Can be washed under water. Price: 2240 rubles.


  • light, comfortable;
  • shaves well, makes clear contours;
  • nozzles for all optimal sizes;
  • capacious battery;
  • easy to clean.


  • combs can loosen;
  • not suitable for cutting a long beard;
  • the low battery indicator works too late;
  • vibrates strongly;
  • hair flying to the sides;
  • replacement blades are expensive (you need to change on average once every 4 months).

Philips QT4015 Series 3000

The model has a titanium blade with a width of 32 mm. There is one comb. Designed for 20 length parameters (0.5-10 mm). Switching is done by a regulator. Charges within 1 hour, can work without an outlet for 60 minutes. Allows you to wash the working part under water. Comes with cleaning brush and storage bag. Price: 2500 rubles.


  • fast charging;
  • compact, convenient;
  • many length sizes;
  • easy to clean;
  • cuts with high quality;
  • 3 years of operation did not require sharpening.


  • the indicator only reports a full charge (does not warn about the end);
  • knives are not very sharp;
  • the nozzle bends when pressed, due to which accuracy is lost;
  • does not shave wet stubble.

Philips BT7210 Series 7000

The machine is equipped with steel blades that are sharpened during operation. Can be plugged in or cut independently for up to 75 minutes (charge takes 1 hour). There are 4 nozzles, 20 length levels (0.5-10 mm). Can be cleaned underwater. Performs vacuum hair suction. There is a cover, a brush for cleaning. Price: 5100 rubles.


  • stylish look;
  • cuts evenly, precisely;
  • does not make noise;
  • works for a long time on a single charge;
  • compact, sits well in the hand;
  • easy to clean.


  • vacuum suction does not work fully, a lot of hair remains;
  • the hair collection container must be cleaned during the cutting process;
  • the materials are fragile, there are reviews of cases of breaking off the eye of the blade, the comb holder;
  • unreasonably high cost (overpayment for hair suction, which is not performed).

Warranty service and spare parts for machines

Philips offers spare parts for hair clippers. If necessary, for all monitored models, you can order:

When ordering the required accessory, please understand that the product may not always be in stock. If it is not available, you can place an individual purchase order.

The manufacturer gives a guarantee only for the machine itself. Accessories are not covered by the warranty. In case of any problems or questions in the operation of the devices, the manufacturer recommends that you first call the hotline. If the recommendations given over the phone did not help solve the problem, then you need to contact the service center. In case of loss of documents for the typewriter in the center, they must restore the information about the purchase by the serial number of the product, carry out diagnostics and establish the cause of the breakdown or malfunction.

Selection Tips

  1. The greater the power of the machine, the easier it is to deal with thick hair;
  2. Not all budget models have the option to adjust the length;
  3. Only expensive devices are equipped with electric adjustment;
  4. The higher the series, the more professional the device (3000 are suitable for home use, 9000 for experienced hairdressers);
  5. The optimal number of nozzles is up to 7;
  6. It is more comfortable to use devices with a hybrid connection;
  7. If you often go to a client’s house, buy a typewriter with a purse or case;
  8. For beauty salons, machines with adjustable settings are optimal;
  9. Ceramic knives are safer for children.

Watch the Philips HC 3400 clipper test video