A trimmer is a useful tool when working on a land plot, when caring for a lawn. To keep the latter clean and tidy, it is often necessary to make great efforts, and it is this burden that electric trimmers are designed to lighten, which, unlike gasoline trimmers, are light in weight, which literally lightens the burden. But unfortunately, sometimes really large and tough bushes can break into your possessions, which no fishing line can handle. This is where the best electric trimmers with a knife come to the rescue. And although not all electric trimmers include the ability to use a knife, the number of those that include is huge. So which electric knife trimmer is best? In this article, we have compiled some rating of the best models of electric trimmers with a knife, in the hope that each reader will be able to choose a favorite for himself.

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  1. #Battery trimmer Einhell GE-CT 18 Li – Solo
  2. #Electric trimmer Denzel TE-1200 (96611)
  3. #Electric trimmer AL-KO BC 1200 E
  4. #Electric trimmer Patriot ET 1000
  5. #Electric trimmer Daewoo Power Products DABC 1400E
  6. #Electric trimmer STIHL FSE 71
  7. #Greenworks trimmer 1301507 G-MAX 40V GD40BC
  8. #Battery trimmer Husqvarna 536LiRX
  9. #Greenworks cordless trimmer 2101507 GD40LT30
  10. #Electric trimmer Makita UR3000

Rating of the best light trimmers

Place Model
one. Huter GET-400 Prices Review
2. BOSCH EasyGrass Cut 26 (0.600.8C1.J00) Prices Review
3. Hammer ETR450 Prices Review
four. Makita UR3000 Prices Review
5. BOSCH EasyGrassCut 18-230 (0.600.8C1.A00) Prices Review
6. BOSCH UniversalGrassCut 18-260 (0.600.8C1.D00) Prices Review
7. ECHO SRM-330ES Prices Review
eight. GARDENA EasyCut 450/25 (9870-20) Prices Review
9. Husqvarna 128R Prices Review
ten. STIHL FS 55 Prices Review

Battery trimmer Einhell GE-CT 18 Li – Solo

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The trimmer of this model has a fairly good cutting width, which is 240 mm. Ease of use is provided by the telescopic handle. In addition, the trimmer has an additional handle with a compartment for storing knives. The battery voltage of the trimmer is 18 V, and the device weighs only 1.75 kg.

Battery trimmer Einhell GE-CT 18 Li – Solo


  • Ease of use
  • Cutting width
  • Practicality
  • Functionality
  • Design
  • Price

GARDENA EasyCut Li-18/23R Cordless Trimmer without battery

Photo: https://beru.ru/

With this trimmer, you will be able to take care of your lawn, cutting grass and destroying weeds. The trimmer does not require a mains connection, because the tool is powered by a battery. The battery capacity is 2.6 Ah. A big plus of the device is the fact that it does not produce much noise.

GARDENA EasyCut Li-18/23R Cordless Trimmer without battery


  • silent operation
  • reliability
  • practicality
  • ease of use
  • equipment
  • price


  • compactness
  • production material

Electric trimmer Denzel TE-1200 (96611)

Photo: beru.ru

This trimmer model is designed for mowing shrubs and grass in open spaces. The device weighs 4.7 kg, and uses a fishing line with a diameter of 2 mm with a processing width of 380 mm. Denzel TE-1200 has a motor power of 1200W. A big plus of the trimmer is its equipment, which includes: a set of tools, a protective cover for storage, a shoulder strap, a spool of fishing line, and a bush knife.

Electric trimmer Denzel TE-1200 (96611)


  • Cutting width
  • Practicality
  • Functionality
  • Equipment
  • Durability
  • Comfortable handle

Pros and cons

The popularity of this technique for mowing grass in the garden, cottage and lawn near the house is due to the presence of a number of advantages.

ease of management;

ease of repair;

ability to perform various tasks;

increased reliability;

environmental friendliness;

no noise.

The network trimmer has its drawbacks.

dependence on the electrical network;

limited mobility;

little power.

The first two minuses do not apply to models that run on battery power. The electric trimmer can be stored for several years in a dry room, and can be used at any time.

Trimmers are produced by many well-known brands of equipment

Electric trimmer AL-KO BC 1200 E

Photo: beru.ru

AL-KO BC 1200 E with a power of 1200 W. By default, there is a high-quality nylon fishing line with automatic adjustment. However, the width of the passage is 23 cm, with a knife 12 cm more. The advantages of this invention include a D-shaped handle and a durable shoulder strap. The power plant of 1.2 kW produces up to 7600 rpm. In this case, you do not have to worry about the increased noise level. Do not know which electric trimmer is better to buy for a summer residence? Then take a look at this device.

Electric trimmer AL-KO BC 1200 E


  • light weight
  • thoughtful design
  • cutting width
  • optimal power

Battery trimmer Black+Decker STB3620L-QW

Photo: https://beru.ru

A powerful model that will cope not only with delicate vegetation, but also with weeds and young shrubs. The brushless motor is located at the bottom of the straight telescopic shaft and provides a long operating time. The trimmer is equipped with a torque boost system that allows you to mow tough types of grass. When working with thick-stemmed plants, the battery lasts for 20 minutes of continuous operation, when working with delicate grass, the time increases to 40-50 minutes. But you won’t be able to charge it right away – the battery must completely cool down.

Battery trimmer Black+Decker STB3620L-QW


  • powerful motor
  • compact storage
  • adjustable handle


  • takes a long time to charge

Electric trimmer Patriot ET 1000

Photo: beru.ru

An electric trimmer is suitable for mowing soft and hard elastic stems. The cutting tool is a fishing line 2-2.4 mm thick or a knife with a diameter of 23 cm. The cutting knife is double-edged, cannot be sharpened. Handle – J-shaped, additional handle is set to the desired height depending on the height of the operator. The rather significant weight of the instrument – 6.7 kg – makes it an unfeminine option. Permissible length of the extension cord is 100 m (with a wire cross section of 4 mm).

Electric trimmer Patriot ET 1000


  • price
  • soft start
  • semi-automatic line feed
  • thoughtful design
  • motor thermal protection against overheating
  • equipment

The best premium electric trimmers

This section includes electric trimmers that are distinguished by decent build quality, modern design, additional functions, high performance and power, and the ability to use a knife as a cutting tool. Therefore, they can be equated to professional devices.

Such garden trimmers cope with mowing grass of any length, they easily clear the area not only from branches of shrubs, but also from young trees. In such models, everything is provided for comfortable and safe work.

5 Makita UR3502

Opens the ranking of the best garden trimmers in the premium segment of the device from Makita.
The UR3502, with a straight stem and D-handle, cuts grass with ease with 2mm nylon line. The engine power (located at the top) is 1000 W, which allows the device to process an overgrown area of ​​​​up to 500 sq.m. The trimmer is able to clean grass on lawns around trees, between benches, along fences. The rotation speed of the cutting head is 6500 rpm. In one pass, the trimmer mows a strip 35 cm wide.

The mass of the device is 4.9 kg, it is convenient to transport and store it. The trimmer is powered by the mains, so you will need an outlet and an extension cord to process the site. The D-handle can be folded and adjusted to suit the height of the operator. The kit comes with a protective cover, it is installed above the cutting element and protects the wearer’s clothing from cut grass and dirt. Also, the device is equipped with a shoulder strap, which greatly simplifies operation.

Numerous reviews note that the Makita UR3502 electric scythe is distinguished by a reliable design, high-quality assembly, ease of maintenance and good mowing ability.


  • Modern design.
  • High performance.
  • Simple control.
  • Handles a large area.


  • Creates strong vibrations.
  • Short rod.

Makita UR3502

4 Stihl FSE 71

In fourth position is an electric trimmer from the German company STIHL, designed for garden work.

The FSE 71 excels at removing excess vegetation in small areas: around flowerbeds, along paths, between beds. The device is equipped with a head with two fishing lines with a diameter of 2 mm, the feed of which is regulated by touching the device on the ground. The engine is located in the upper area of ​​the housing. Its power is 540 W, and the rotation speed of the cutting head is 7400 rpm. The width of the mowed grass strip reaches 35 cm.

Comfortable work is facilitated by a soft anti-vibration nozzle on the handle, a device for attaching a network cable and a convenient D-shaped handle. The mass of the electric trimmer is 4 kg. The device comes with goggles and detailed instructions in which the manufacturer does not recommend using plastic and metal knives as a cutting element. The electric scythe works almost silently, without causing time to the surrounding nature.

Users choose the STIHL FSE 71 electric garden trimmer for its thoughtful design, robust construction, good grass cutting, and easy handling.


  • Light.
  • Maneuverable.
  • Mows well.
  • Simple control.
  • Reliable performance.


  • There are no shoulder straps included.
  • Cuts grass in one direction.


3 Oleo-Mac TR 111 E

Third place goes to the garden trimmer from Oleo-Mac, designed for mowing lawns.
Lightweight and compact, the TR 111 E is optimally balanced thanks to its engine positioned in the upper part of the hull. The motor power is 1100 W, it is reliably protected from grass and dirt, so the ventilation hole always remains clean. The high maneuverability of the electric scythe allows you to mow excess vegetation along the fence, around poles and trees, between benches.

The curved, non-separable shaft is made of aluminum, so the trimmer is lightweight – 4.5 kg. The thermal relay protects the motor from overheating during continuous operation. The kit comes with a spool, which is responsible for the uninterrupted supply of fishing line and a suspension belt, which helps to evenly distribute the workload.

Oleo-Mac’s garden trimmer features a large guard that completely covers the cutting element, unlike other models where it is partially covered. It is not possible to cause injury with such a tool.

The electric scythe has collected a lot of positive feedback, which notes its high-quality assembly, high power, lightness, maneuverability and safety of use.


  • Reliable brand.
  • Quality build.
  • High performance.
  • Overheat protection.
  • Safety.


  • Short cord.
  • Noisy.

Oleo-Mac TR 111 E

2 Bosch AFS 23-37 (0.600.8A9.020)

The second line is occupied by an electric tool from BOSCH, designed to care for a small summer cottage.
The AFS 23-37 is equipped with a comfortable straight shaft and a D-handle. Thanks to this, it is easy to control your movements and ensure mowing accuracy without any extra effort. The included shoulder strap optimally distributes the load on the operator’s body. The mass of the device is 5.2 kg.

To start working with a trimmer, just connect it to the network and start the engine, which has an upper location. The motor power is 950 W, which allows the cutting element to work at a speed of 6000 rpm and effortlessly cope with tall grass and reeds. At the same time, the width of the mowed strip is quite impressive – 37 cm. For processing areas with coarse vegetation, a nylon line with a diameter of 3.5 mm can be replaced with a metal knife that comes with the kit. Also, the device is equipped with a protective casing covering the cutting elements.

Users choose BOSCH electric scythes for high power, easy handling, good cutting of grass of any length and reeds, maneuverability, and reliable build quality.


  • Light.
  • Powerful.
  • Maneuverable.
  • Mows well.
  • Extended equipment.
  • Simple working mechanism.


  • The device does not fit a fishing line from another manufacturer.

Bosch AFS 23-37 (0.600.8A9.020)

1 Stihl FSE 81

The leader among premium devices is the electric scythe from STIHL, designed for garden work.
The FSE 81 is a high-performance power tool equipped with a powerful mowing head, engine overheating protection, anti-vibration handle pad, electronic speed control of the cutting element. The device is ideal for cutting grass and coarser vegetation in small areas, cutting along borders, between beds and clearing the area around trees. A fishing line is used as a cutting tool, the width of the mowed grass strip is 35 cm.

The motor of the electric trimmer is located at the top of the device, its power is 1000 W, thanks to which the device can work for a long time without stopping and mow even coarse weeds and shrub branches. The practical circular handle helps to conveniently guide the electric scythe, the position of the handle can be changed depending on the height of the user. A special device for the network cable prevents accidental disconnection of the device from the network.

Numerous positive user reviews indicate that the STIHL FSE 81 power tool has high performance and maneuverability, cuts grass well, is safe to use, has a convenient design and useful functionality.


  • Lightweight, easy to use.
  • Copes well with any vegetation.
  • Convenient design.
  • A number of additional features.
  • Powerful, productive.


Electric trimmer Daewoo Power Products DABC 1400E

Photo: beru.ru

Daewoo DABC 1400E 5 967 – a powerful trimmer will cope well even with wet grass of varying hardness on uneven lawns, flower beds, paths, with cutting thin branches of shrubs, small undergrowth. Combination cutting tool – head with 1.6 mm line or 255 mm three-blade knife. During operation, the length of the line can be increased by pressing the mowing head to the ground. The D-shaped handle and adjustable shoulder strap make it easy to work. Still thinking about which electric trimmer to choose for a summer residence? Then take a look at the Daewoo DABC 1400E 5 967.

Electric trimmer Daewoo Power Products DABC 1400E


  • powerful device
  • wide swath per pass
  • collapsible bar
  • low noise level


Although it is not dangerous to work with this technique, there is a possibility that it will throw out garbage. That’s why it’s necessary to mow the grass in closed clothes and goggles. Before you start mowing, you should inspect the condition of the equipment. Preferably work in headphones. When using a battery model, check the battery level. The gearbox is lubricated with oil or grease.

If moisture gets under the device when working in rainy weather or mowing wet grass, the following may happen:

  • closure;
  • breaking;
  • operator injury.

Well cared for equipment will last a very long time. Therefore, after mowing, the adhering vegetation is immediately removed, and the device itself is carefully washed.

Electric trimmer STIHL FSE 71

Photo: beru.ru

Premium electric lawn and garden mower: Despite its relatively low power, the STIHL FSE 71 is capable of handling a variety of tasks, from simple grass removal to deadwood mowing and beautification of hard-to-reach places in the garden. The small weight of the device (less than 4 kg) allows you to work in the local area for a long time. The curved boom is equipped with a loop-shaped handle, while the cutting width is 35 cm, which significantly reduces the time of work on the removal of vegetation.

Electric trimmer STIHL FSE 71


  • high reliability
  • high-quality equipment
  • thoughtfully designed handle
  • light weight and dimensions

Best Inexpensive Electric Trimmers

When buying an inexpensive garden trimmer, you should understand that you save primarily on the technical characteristics of the model – motor power, performance, maximum load, and so on. In addition, budget devices do not have additional functions and do not differ in durability.

We present a rating of electric trimmers costing up to 4000 rubles, which are designed to perform small jobs in the garden, for example, mow small grass, trim the lawn or remove dry vegetation.

5 Huter GET-400

The Huter GET-400 model opens the rating, which is distinguished by a simple device and low weight.
The electric scythe is ideal for regular maintenance of a small lawn or flower bed to cut the growing young grass. Its compact dimensions and light weight of 3 kg make it easy to use, and the convenient location of all components helps to mow grass in hard-to-reach areas where other tools cannot reach.

The garden trimmer is equipped with a small and rather quiet 400 W motor, the cutting element is represented by a nylon fishing line. To operate the device requires a standard electrical outlet at their summer cottage. The design of the device provides for two handles: one is longitudinal, located in the back of the case, the second is D-shaped, for the convenience of users it can be fixed at any level. The engine is located at the bottom of the device, so its vibrations are practically not felt during operation.

Users choose the Huter GET-400 electric scythe for its lightness, maneuverability, ease of use and affordable price.


  • Ease.
  • Compactness.
  • budget cost.
  • Mows grass well.


  • Short handle.
  • Weak line.

Huter GET-400

4 Black+Decker GL360SB

The next position in our ranking is the electric trimmer BLACK + DECKER GL360SB, designed for mowing grass.
The electric scythe has an ergonomic design and a bright color. The 360 ​​W motor is located at the bottom of the case. The device can reach a speed of 11,500 rpm, while weighing very little – only 1.6 kg. It is safe to work with the trimmer thanks to the protective bracket that covers the cutting element, represented by a fishing line 1.5 mm thick.

The BLACK+DECKER GL360SB is effective in small grassy areas. A feature of the device is the unique fastening of the trimmer head without the use of threads. The line is fed by pressing the head on the ground, without the need to stop the work.

The garden trimmer is equipped with a D-shaped handle, a rod and electric drives in the form of a cable. During operation, the device generates a noise level of 96 dB. In one approach, the electric scythe can process a small area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe lawn with a width of 30 cm.

Users in their reviews note the compactness and light weight of the device, ease of use, ergonomic design, efficiency and safety of use.


  • Affordable price.
  • Lightweight and comfortable design.
  • Maneuverability.
  • Simple push mechanism.
  • Light weight.


  • Single-sided fishing line wears out quickly.


3 Greenworks 2103707 650W, 33 cm

On the third line is a garden trimmer from Greenworks, designed for use in a small area.
Model 2103707 is designed for cutting and trimming grass and other soft vegetation. The engine is located at the bottom of the device, its power is 650 W, and the cutting head rotates at a speed of 7400 rpm. For safe operation, the design of the trimmer is equipped with a fuse against unplanned switching on and a protective cover covering the cutting part.

Electric scythe from Greenworks does not require special care. The width of the strip of cut grass is 33 cm, during operation the line is fed automatically, there is an edge cutter function, and the inclination of the cutting part can also be adjusted – all this helps to work on lawns with different terrain and dense vegetation. Height-adjustable handle helps to reach hard-to-reach areas. The device is easy to use and carry due to its low weight of 2.7 kg.

According to numerous user reviews, this power tool is easy to use, helps to care for lawns with soft grass, maneuverable and lightweight.


  • Ease of use.
  • Maneuverability.
  • Works on lawns with different terrain.
  • Edger function.
  • The length of the handle and the inclination of the cutting part are adjustable.


  • The line often gets tangled.

Greenworks 2103707 650W, 33 cm

2 Huter GET-1200SL

The second line is occupied by the garden trimmer Huter GET-1200SL. It is a powerful electric scythe designed for the care of lawns, flower beds and garden plots.
Due to its design, the device easily copes with cutting vegetation in hard-to-reach areas – along fences, between beds, under benches, around trees and garden buildings. The collapsible bar makes it easy to fold and transport the trimmer, whose weight is 5.5 kg.

The GET-1200SL is fairly quiet and has a 1200W motor on top so it’s protected from dust, dirt and grass cuttings. The device is powered by electricity. The garden trimmer uses a fishing line as a cutting tool, it perfectly cuts the grass without damaging the shoots of shrubs. To remove coarser vegetation from the site, you can install a knife. The area of ​​the cutting element is protected by a casing.

According to numerous reviews, the Huter GET-1200SL garden trimmer does an excellent job of mowing grass, it is powerful, removes vegetation in hard-to-reach places, and is easy to use.


  • Powerful.
  • High quality plastic parts.
  • Reliability.
  • Top position of the engine.
  • Detachable design.
  • Copes with any vegetation.


  • Vibration is felt.
  • Possible engine overheating.

Huter GET-1200SL

1 Bosch EasyGrassCut 26 (0.600.8C1.J00)

The first place among inexpensive garden trimmers is occupied by a device from BOSCH, designed to work in small areas.
The electric scythe has a semi-automatic line feed system, therefore, there is no need to manually adjust the tool. The motor power is relatively small – only 280 watts. The width of the bevelled strip is 26 cm. Due to the low weight of the tool (1.9 kg), it can be used for a long time without fatigue and discomfort. The metal casing protects the operator from chips and dirt. The garden trimmer is easy to operate thanks to the straight rod with a D-handle. The rod is a collapsible structure, so the electric scythe is easy to transport and store.

Anti-vibration system and reduced noise level make the trimmer operation as comfortable as possible. The height of the device can be adjusted according to the height of the user. There is a special fastening on the body that prevents the cord from getting into the working area.

According to reviews, the BOSCH EasyGrassCut 26 trimmer mows low grass well, it is light, maneuverable, and easy to use.


  • Light.
  • Compact.
  • Semi-automatic line feed.
  • Good for cutting low grass.
  • Doesn’t make noise.
  • Does not create vibrations.


  • Can’t handle tall grass.

BOSCH EasyGrass Cut 26 (0.600.8C1.J00)

Trimmer greenworks 1301507 G-MAX 40V GD40BC

Photo: beru.ru

Popular cordless hedge trimmer. The combined cutting tool of the trimmer is a fishing line with a diameter of 2 mm for grass and a brush cutter in the form of a disk. Width of mowing strip in one pass – 356 mm line / 254 mm disc cutter. It is possible to adjust the speed of rotation of the cutting head. A lithium-ion battery is used for power.

Trimmer greenworks 1301507 G-MAX 40V GD40BC


  • multifunction device
  • well mows and soft shoots, and grass with hard stems, and withered grass
  • automatic update of the end of the line every time you turn it on
  • no electrical wire
  • high mobility

Selection Options

When choosing a trimmer, you should pay attention to several characteristics:

  • power;
  • the weight;
  • turnovers;
  • type of fastening;
  • cutting element;
  • battery capacity (only for rechargeable);
  • the diameter of the line used.


This parameter directly determines the performance of the tool. In addition, more powerful models have a large margin of safety, which means they will last longer and will fail less often. The relationship between power and weight should be taken into account: more powerful models weigh more and cost more. The power indicator varies from 0.25 to 1.8 kV. If you need to mow the lawn near the house, then 0.3-0.5 kV of power is enough. For utilities, this indicator should not be lower than 0.9 kV.


This is an indicator of productivity, that is, how many revolutions does the cutting element make per unit of time. This is affected by the power of the engine. Simple models have revolutions of about 6000-7000 per minute, professional ones – 9000-12000 per minute. For mowing grass in the country, 7-8 thousand is enough. Here, one should take into account the fact that more productive models weigh more and cost more.

Line diameter

The diameter of the line affects the ability to cut vegetation stems: the larger the diameter, the thicker stems it can cut. This parameter varies between 1.4-3.2 mm. To give enough thickness of fishing line of 2 mm. If you need to ennoble a wasteland, then you need a fishing line of at least 3 mm.

The weight

Trimmers weigh from 1.5 to 10 kg. This is an important parameter that determines the ease of use of the tool. For work in a summer cottage, models from 2 to 5 kg will be the best option. Women will be able to use them without problems and enjoy.

Mounting type

The trimmer can be attached to a person using straps or using a knapsack method. The belt attachment is used on light trimmers and is suitable for small jobs. Fastening with a knapsack is more practical, the weight is distributed evenly so as not to tire the worker.

Battery capacity

Battery life is measured in Ah. One unit of Ampere is enough for about 15 minutes of work. For example, in order to mow the lawn around an ordinary house, 2 Ah is enough. If the entire section is 3-4 A / h.

cutting element

There are two main types of cutting element: metal knives and plastic fishing line. Knives are used only on a flat surface, they cut better and are more practical. The fishing line is good on an uneven surface or next to some kind of obstacles in the form of fences, poles, and so on. If you need to regularly work with dense vegetation, then the fishing line is not suitable. It will quickly be used up and tire the owner of the tool. Ideally, you should buy models with the ability to change the cutting element, based on the need.

Battery trimmer Husqvarna 536LiRX

Photo: beru.ru

A good, reliable, high-quality trimmer with the ability to install a three-blade grass knife. In terms of power, this technique is already suitable for professional use. On the bicycle-type handle is a convenient and understandable digital panel. Battery with charge indicators. The trimmer head can be rotated in both directions. The mower has a SaveTM mode to increase the operating time. The kit comes with a grass knife, belt, universal protection, but no battery and charger.

Battery trimmer Husqvarna 536LiRX


  • power
  • great grass knife
  • battery life up to an hour
  • excellent balance

What affects the weight of the trimmer

It is more convenient to work with the trimmer using belt. It can be either a regular one-shoulder type or a two-shoulder backpack style. Thanks to this device, the load is distributed evenly, a person will be able to work longer without getting tired.

The weight of the most low-power models is about 2 kg, and the most powerful ones reach 10. The heavier the engine, the more the tool weighs.

Trimmers with gasoline engines can weigh from 4 to 11 kg. When choosing one of the best electric grass trimmers for women, you should look for a lighter model. When buying, be sure to find out if there are any restrictions or features.

Petrol units equipped with two-stroke engines, smaller in size, weigh less, but noisy. 4-stroke engines are larger, heavier, but quieter. Availability manual start makes starting longer, but this design is lighter and simpler. It is more convenient if the tool is started using an electric starter, but due to the battery and electric starter, the mass of the lawn mower increases.

The weight of the trimmer is affected by the volume of the gas tank, its capacity can be from 350 ml to 1 liter.

Models with large capacity good for treating a remote area, however, this increases the mass. A small fuel tank makes the brushcutter lighter, but you have to stop often to refuel.

Battery trimmer greenworks 2101507 GD40LT30

Photo: beru.ru

Choosing good trimmers based on reviews, we came across an interesting model from Greenworks. This device is distinguished by a motor speed of up to 6500 rpm, a folding handle and the ability to install a delimber / brush cutter. When deciding to buy a greenworks cordless trimmer for a summer residence, please note that it comes complete with only fishing line (2 mm thick), a knife and a shoulder strap. The battery and charger will have to be purchased separately, and they cost a lot. As for autonomy, a battery with a capacity of 2 A / h is enough for the unit for about 20 minutes of operation. Such a battery is charged for about 45 minutes, therefore, if you have funds, we recommend taking 2-3 batteries at once.

Battery trimmer greenworks 2101507 GD40LT30


  • wide cutting radius
  • installation of different cut modules
  • good autonomy
  • power reserve
  • no vibration


There are three main types of trimmers:

  • electrical;
  • rechargeable;
  • gasoline.


The tool is powered by a standard 220 V power supply. This means that there must be an outlet nearby. In this regard, problems may arise if you have to mow away from civilization. This type of trimmer is lightweight and quiet. It does not produce harmful emissions into the atmosphere and does not violate the environment. The electric motor has average power and is suitable for most types of work.


  • light weight;
  • noiselessness;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • affordable price;
  • wide range of models.


  • limited use due to the need to have a power source nearby;
  • It is not recommended to work in high humidity or rainy weather.


Powered by a battery that can be recharged from the mains. Used in hard-to-reach places where it is impossible to find an outlet. Because of this, they are less common. They are equipped with weak electric motors, which makes it difficult to perform large amounts of work. They work silently. They are used, as a rule, in suburban areas without electricity.


  • light weight;
  • small dimensions;
  • no need for electricity.


  • battery backup is enough for 20-40 minutes;
  • weak motor;
  • limited use;
  • are more expensive than their electrical counterparts.


The rotation of the cutting elements is provided by an internal combustion engine that uses gasoline. For this, a fuel tank is installed, which significantly increases the weight and dimensions of the device. Gasoline models have more power when compared to electric and battery models. This is a more productive and reliable tool for performing serious amounts of work.


  • high power;
  • high performance;
  • can work in any conditions;
  • reliability.


  • large weight and dimensions;
  • high noise level;
  • fuel costs;
  • air pollution emissions.

If you choose a trimmer for women, then you should consider only battery and electric models. Gas trimmers are too big and heavy. To cope with gasoline models, you need to have a strong physique and well-developed muscles. In addition, the vibration from the powerful engine is too much, which increases the load on the back and arms.

Electric trimmer Makita UR3000

Photo: beru.ru

The Makita UR3000 is equipped with an adjustable D-shaped handle, the length of which can be adjusted to the user’s height. The trimmer needs to be connected to a 220 volt power supply. The device operates with noise reaching 96 dB. In this model, both a fishing line with a diameter of 1.65 mm and a knife can be used as a cutting element, thanks to which the trimmer is effective in combating shrubs and tough weeds. The weight of the electric trimmer reaches 2.6 kg. Answering the question, which is better to choose an electric trimmer for giving, we will say – Makita UR3000!

Electric trimmer Makita UR3000


  • the weight
  • comfortable for women
  • power
  • equipment
  • build quality
  • price

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The best electric trimmers in the middle price segment

This subcategory includes models of electric trimmers, which are a cross between household tools and professional ones. These devices are equipped with additional options, and also have a top quality layout. Their power and performance is much higher than that of budget models.

Medium-priced trimmers are ideal for domestic use – processing large areas with difficult terrain, mowing tall grass and shrub stems.

5 Stavr TE-1700R

The electric trimmer from STAVR opens the rating of tools in the middle price segment.

The TE-1700R model has an impressive power of 1700 watts. This indicator is responsible for the performance of the device, which is designed to work in hard-to-reach areas: along the fence, between benches, around trees. The engine is located on top, thanks to this, with the help of a trimmer, you can process the grass immediately after the rain.

The device has a U-shaped handle, its height can be adjusted. There is also a shoulder strap, which greatly simplifies the operation of the garden trimmer.

Model TE-1700R uses a metal knife and fishing line as cutting elements. The width of the processed strip with the help of a fishing line is quite large – 42 cm. Thanks to this, you can mow a large area with a minimum of effort. The light weight of the tool – 6.8 kg – also contributes to comfortable work.

Users choose this trimmer model for functionality, high performance and comfort of use.


  • Ease of use.
  • High efficiency.
  • Mows thick stems.
  • Maneuverability.


  • Short shoulder strap.


4 Huter GET-1700B

In fourth position is another garden trimmer from the German company Huter.
The GET-1700B model is designed for mowing grass and trimming flower beds, lawns, garden plots. The trimmer has a high performance, its 1700 W motor is air-cooled. The kit comes with a three-bladed metal knife that does an excellent job with dense vegetation.

The garden trimmer has the following features:

  • The engine starts smoothly.
  • You can adjust the width of the strip to be cut.
  • Comfort in work is provided by ergonomic handles.
  • Removable rod.
  • Light weight of the engine.
  • In work, you can use both a fishing line and a knife.
  • Modern design.
  • The kit includes a reel and disc.

The cutting elements of the trimmer are protected by a special casing. For more comfortable work, you can use the shoulder strap.

According to numerous reviews, the Huter GET-1700B electric scythe works almost silently, copes well with thick grass and bushes, and is easy to use.


  • Modern design.
  • High efficiency.
  • Maneuverability.
  • Quality build.
  • You can use a fishing line and a knife.


  • Too small protective cover.

Huter GET-1700B

3 Denzel TE-1400

In the top three is a garden trimmer from Denzel.
Model TE-1400 (96612) is characterized by compact size and high performance. The cutting part rotates at a speed of 7500 rpm. The engine is located on top, its power is 1400 watts. The width of the bevelled strip is impressive – 42 cm, which is about one and a half times more than that of analogues of the same cost. At the same time, the device works from the electric network. The trimmer has the function of cutting the knot and stems of shrubs of various thicknesses.

The electric scythe is equipped with a U-shaped handle, a straight shaft and a handle that can be folded and its height can be adjusted. The set includes shoulder straps that relieve the load from the user’s hands. Therefore, you can use the tool for a long time in comfortable conditions. As cutting elements, you can use a nylon fishing line with a diameter of 2 mm and a metal knife, which are securely closed by a large protective casing. The weight of the garden trimmer is 6 kg.

Users choose this device for advanced equipment, convenient design, high performance and safety of use.


  • Convenient design.
  • It cuts grass and shrubs well.
  • High power.
  • Large protective cover.
  • High performance.
  • Optimum cutting width.


  • Strong vibration of the handle.

Denzel TE-1400

2 Makita UR3000

The second line is occupied by an electric garden trimmer from the Japanese company Makita, thanks to which lawn care turns into a simple and pleasant procedure.
The UR3000 is equipped with a D-handle that can be adjusted in length. The 450 W motor has a bottom position. The garden trimmer operates from the mains, a cable is included for connection. The noise level of the operating device reaches 96 dB.

The cutting head is capable of making up to 9000 revolutions per minute, while cutting grass of any length and thickness. The trimmer can cut both with a 1.6 mm thick fishing line and with a metal knife designed to remove bushes and tough weeds from the site. The device comes with goggles and a belt for easy and safe operation. The mass of the electric scythe is 2.6 kg.

Users in their reviews note the lightness and maneuverability of the device, reliable operation, extended equipment, good performance. The negative points include winding the cut grass on the trimmer parts.


  • Light.
  • Quality build.
  • Belt and glasses are included.
  • Rod length adjustment.
  • Copes with any grass and branches of bushes.


  • Grass sticking to the bottom of the tool.

Makita UR3000

1 Hyundai GC 1400

The leader among the tools of the middle price segment is the trimmer from Hyundai, which helps to take care of the backyard.
The GC 1400 model is designed for mowing vegetation in places inaccessible to other devices – around flower beds, along the fence, between the beds. The trimmer motor is on top, its power is 1400 watts, and the cutting head rotates at 7500 rpm. Such parameters allow you to cope even with tall grass. At the same time, the tool can easily mow even low grass, like low-power devices. To do this, it is enough to reduce the power and speed of rotation. The trimmer has a control panel, which is located on the handle.

The power tool is equipped with a D-shaped handle, it is easy to fold and adjust the height to the height of the operator. The cutting element can be a fishing line (for grass of any length) and a knife, if it is necessary to clear the area from shrubs and dense thickets. For ease of use, a shoulder strap is included.

According to numerous positive reviews, the Hyundai GC 1400 garden trimmer is very popular with users. They note its modern design, user-friendly design, high performance and simple operation.


  • High build quality.
  • Copes well with any vegetation.
  • Simple control.
  • Convenient design.
  • Maneuverability.

Hyundai GC 1400