At the last stage of tiling, grout is applied, placed between the seams of the ceramic finish. The material is designed to protect the adhesive holding the tile from moisture to prevent falling off. The quality of the grout affects the resistance of the joints to the development of fungus and mold. Carries substance and decorative function. In order to correctly choose a plastic material for grouting, we have prepared a rating of the best tile grout manufacturers.

Our experts have researched numerous brands, understanding their technologies and product range. Customer reviews were also taken into account in the rating. After reading our TOP-7, it will be easier to navigate the variety of manufacturers and choose a product that is optimal in terms of properties and price.

How to choose grout for tiles

Let us briefly recall the main criteria for choosing grout for tiles, so that later we can better understand the advantages of some manufacturers in the ranking over others. This building material is selected according to the following criteria:

  1. The foundation. Cement-based grout is cheaper and easier to apply. It is most often diluted with water. Products with epoxy resin are more durable, moisture resistant, but their price is more expensive, and stirring requires a hardener. Polyurethane is even more resistant to water and chemicals.
  2. Seam width. On the packaging, the manufacturer indicates the permissible maximum seam width. The indicator varies from 2 to 40 mm. This value indicates at what thickness the grout will not crack after drying.
  3. Type of implementation. The product is sold in dry form, which requires dilution in proportions and bringing to the desired consistency. Other grouts are already sold ready-made (in buckets), and are immediately suitable for application.
  4. Color. Since the substance also plays a decorative role, an important factor is the color of the grout, which can be plain with tiles or contrasting. The limited color range can lead to a poor design decision that visually ruins the look of a wall or floor.

Rating of the best tile grout manufacturers




Rating of the best tile grout manufacturers one mapei 4.9
2 Ceresit 4.8
3 Vetonit Deco 4.7
four Litokol 4.6
5 Kiilto 4.5
6 Isomat 4.4
7 sopro 4.3

We have compiled a rating of the best manufacturers based on customer feedback and the quality of products. But the individual products of each brand have their own additional features, which is important to consider when choosing.


Rating: 4.9


In the first place of our rating is an Italian manufacturer operating since 1937. The company of the same name was founded near Milan and has always specialized in auxiliary building materials. When the Italian market was filled with ceramic tiles (around the 1970s), the manufacturer saw this as a perspective and expanded the range with various grouts. Now tile grout is produced in 32 countries at 67 factories, so you can buy it anywhere in the world. The company has its own developments used in the production of grout. Among them are the DropEffect water-repellent effect and the BioBlock additional barrier against fungus.

Our experts gave the first place in the rating to this manufacturer for the widest color palette. The collection has 30 color options, which will help you choose the grout for any tile. In addition, the range is distinguished by unusual colors that are not available from other manufacturers, for example: “Volcanic Ash”, “Blue Ocean”, “Grey London”, “Manhattan 2000” and others.


  • release of goods in dry and liquid form;
  • large color range;
  • patented seam protection technologies;
  • you can walk gently on the floor with tiles after 3 hours.


  • high cost of ready mixes;
  • the viability of the finished solution is only 20 minutes;
  • complete drying in 24 hours (children can play, run, arrange furniture).

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Rating: 4.8


In second place in the ranking is a German manufacturer, which has been known since 1876. The name of the main concern is Henkel, and Ceresit is a brand for promoting construction-related products. The company is now a world leader and produces grout sold in 120 countries. Products in this category are divided into series with CE indexes 33, 40, 43 and 79. Separately, SC silicone grout and CT tile joint impregnation are sold. Buyers in the reviews note the practicality of Ultra Pox grout, which has increased resistance to chemicals and mechanical friction.

According to our experts, the manufacturer deserves a place in the rating due to the release of a particularly elastic grout suitable for joints up to 40 mm wide (CE43 Super Strong). This allows you to use the tool to create original design effects and not be afraid of cracks after drying. The company also produces a special series of grout under the CE40 Aquastatic index, which is specially designed for wet areas (bathrooms, kitchens, showers). Its use helps to keep the finish for a long period.


  • use on underfloor heating is allowed;
  • a large range in the width of the seam in the tile;
  • resistant to deformation;
  • increased smoothness of the grout accumulates less debris;
  • the viability of the solution is 60 minutes.


  • high price;
  • if you add more water than according to the instructions, then the properties deteriorate significantly;
  • walking on the tiles is allowed after 8 hours.

Vetonit Deco

Rating: 4.7


The third brand in the ranking belongs to the company Weber, located in France. The concern has existed for over 100 years and produces a line of building dry mixes called Vetonit. The manufacturer has about 200 factories operating in 62 countries. In Russia, 3 of them operate, which allows you to slightly reduce logistics costs and reduce the cost of the final cost of grouting. The company specializes in cement and epoxy types of grouting. The dried grout is designed for operation at temperatures from -30 to +70 degrees, so it can be used even on the street, which users like in the reviews.

Our experts have marked this manufacturer in the rating as having the most chemically resistant materials for grouting gaps between tiles. For example, two-component epoxy grout will not be damaged by hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, hydrochloric and sulfuric acid (25%), alkali, spirits and Coca-Cola. This is the best option for finishing tiles in saunas and public pools.


  • there is the largest Research and Development Center in Europe;
  • full output of products on the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • all materials are quality assessed;
  • The tile grout has the Ecomaterial badge and ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications.


  • a small selection of colors for tiles;
  • walking on the floor is allowed after 24 hours;
  • complete drying – 7 days;
  • can only be applied at a temperature of +10 degrees.


Rating: 4.6


This manufacturer appeared in Italy in 1968. The company has been operating in Russia for 15 years, since the founding of one of the factories where grout is produced under the control of European specialists. The company uses German and Italian equipment, which improves the quality of products. All products comply with the ISO 9001 standard. The manufacturer produces tile grout under the Starlike brand. Epoxy-based products include the Crystal, Defender and Epoxystuk X90 lines. The cement series is presented in the Litochrom 1-6, 3-15 and Litochrom Luxury lines.

Our experts have added the manufacturer to the rating because it has a rare type of grout that most competitors do not have. This is Crystal C.350 epoxy. The product is transparent and is positioned as “Chameleon”, i.e. the seams will reflect the shade of the tile. The effect was achieved thanks to an inert filler. This serves as a versatile decorating solution and is also suitable for mosaics and mirror tiles so as not to detract from the pattern. Users in the reviews note that this grout looks especially beautiful with special sparkles.


  • equipment from Germany and Italy is used for the production of grout;
  • there are different products for amateurs and professionals;
  • all goods are of high quality, since even silage (raw materials) is stored in factories in heated rooms;
  • laboratory tests are regularly carried out to check the quality of the grout.


  • most positions are designed for thin seams up to 3 mm;
  • high price;
  • the consistency resembles chewing gum, which is difficult to press into the gaps between the tiles;
  • fast curing in 20 minutes.

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Rating: 4.5


This place in the ranking is occupied by a Finnish manufacturer, known in Europe for 100 years. The company, headquartered in Tampere, specializes in adhesives, insulation and mortars. Products for domestic and professional use are produced. Back in 1993, the brand received ISO9001 certification, covering all stages of production. Among the grouts, two types are produced: Saumalaasti (cement-based for thick joints of 6-12 mm) and Klinkkerisaumalaasti (cement-based, designed for clinker tiles and joints up to 6 mm). Masters in the reviews praise the adhesive properties of the grout (quickly sticks to the seams, does not exfoliate), as well as convenient packaging of 3, 10 and 20 kg.

Our experts have included the Finnish manufacturer in the rating, as he managed to achieve the longest period of preservation of the plasticity of the grout. The cement-polymer mortar mixed with water remains soft and ready for application within 2-3 hours, which is very practical in case of a large area with tiles.


  • the grout can be tinted with each other to match the color to the tile;
  • long viability of the solution;
  • consumption of 2 m² with 1 kg of substance;
  • the product is frost resistant.


  • not suitable for long-term use between tiles under water;
  • among products with a cement base, there are only 4 color options;
  • high price;
  • no epoxy based products.


Rating: 4.4


The penultimate place of the rating is represented by the Greek concern, founded in 1980. Today, this manufacturer is one of the industry leaders in South-Eastern Europe. The company’s plants operate in Turkey, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Russia, Romania and Serbia. Products are sold in 55 countries of the world. Users in the reviews like the variety of grouts that can be matched to different tiles. Next to the name of the product is a numeric index indicating the maximum allowable seam width. Of the available collections in the catalog are: Multifill 2-5, Multifill 3-15, Smalto 1-8, Marble 0-3.

We included the manufacturer in the ranking of the best due to the presence of rare types of grout that are not available from competitors. For example, only from this company you can buy Epoxy Glitter, consisting of three components. The complex composition increases resistance to water and chemicals. Mixtures from the Marble series are designed to fill the joints in marble tiles, and a separate Stone line is suitable for filling gaps between particles of natural stone.


  • a wide range of grouts for different types of tiles;
  • regular experiments and development of new technologies;
  • smooth glossy texture of the material;
  • color stability after drying.


  • high consumption (up to 4 kg per 1 m²);
  • costs more than analogues;
  • the maximum width of the gap to be filled is not more than 8 mm.


Rating: 4.3


In last place in the ranking is a German manufacturer, which began operations in 1864. The company is known for the fact that it was its cement that was supplied to pour the base of the Statue of Liberty in the United States. Today it is one of the major European suppliers of building mixtures. The company’s catalog includes Saphir grout for thin slits of 1-5 mm, Sopro DF decorative plastic materials for 10 mm, and Sopro Tfb 554 extra strong joint paste. Masters in the reviews share that you can enhance the beauty of the finish with the help of gold or silver sparkles available in manufacturer’s collections.

Our experts singled out the manufacturer in the rating as having the most developed technical support. According to the company’s philosophy, it sells ready-made solutions for bathrooms, kitchens and public spaces, and the materials are already a consequence. Therefore, any client (before or after the purchase) can call or write to the contact details on the official website, and he will be provided with a detailed explanation of the types of grout, methods of its preparation and application.


  • there are products for wide gaps between tiles (up to 30 mm);
  • a large selection of the color of the substance;
  • various glitters are available to add to the grout;
  • substance compensates for thermal stresses.


  • high cost of 1 kg;
  • you need to mix for a long time to obtain a homogeneous mass;
  • some types are packaged only in 2 kg (requires the purchase of many packages at a large facility).