A hammer drill is a high-powered power tool that uses impact drilling technology. With it, you can make holes in stone, concrete, brick and other materials of increased hardness.

There is a huge selection of models on the modern market, but it is not recommended to buy the first tool that comes across: when choosing, you should be guided by the goals of the user and the intended scope of the puncher.

Bosch is considered one of the leaders in the production of rotary hammers. The devices of this brand are distinguished by reliability, high quality and other characteristics necessary for full-fledged work.

A rating will help you choose the right power tool, which contains the 15 best models of rotary hammers according to the 2021 version in terms of price / quality ratio.

When selecting models, recommendations from professional builders, feedback from owners and official data from Rostest were taken into account.

About the Bosch Group

The company employs over 30,000 employees worldwide in manufacturing plants in 20 countries, in trade organizations in 80 countries. This is one of the leading companies in the field of mobile, industrial applications development, design, industrial automation.

The German concern develops customized, safe, cost-effective solutions for consumers that provide multi-dimensional improvements in device performance for end users.

The company offers innovative products, customized solutions for the home that can make life easier.

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Types, types and characteristics of perforators

There are two main types of power tools: electric and cordless.

Devices that are connected to the electrical network using a cable are classics that have been proven over the years. When using do not monitor the battery status, the device is immediately ready for use. Plus — less weight due to the lack of a battery.

Usage: household, professional construction activities. Maintain the performance advantage over battery-powered models. Perhaps, sometimes only the cable interferes with work.

Bosch cordless rotary hammer

Battery powered tools are designed for less demanding users who require portability. You can take them with you almost anywhere, they work even without being connected to a power source.

Be careful: do not forget to charge the battery regularly.

It is preferable to opt for a lithium-ion battery. It has the best capacitive characteristics.

However, be prepared for more weight with less power. Expect that as battery power decreases, drilling efficiency will drop dramatically.

The following types of perforators are distinguished according to their primary use:

  • household;
  • industrial.

Tools intended for everyday life have a green body, a horizontally located engine.

Please note: low power and performance compared to industrial tools. But this is enough to do housework.

Main characteristics

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The absolutely decisive parameter showing the real performance of the tool is the power. The base unit of measurement is the watt (W). It is closely related to the amount of energy consumed. Both parameters are never equal, because part of the energy consumed ensures the operation of the device.

As a rule, the higher the power, the more powerful the drilling torque.

For normal household use, 600 watts is enough.

However, if you want to drill holes, for example, in a panel apartment, choose a hammer drill with a power of at least 800 watts. It is optimal to select a sufficient reserve to avoid motor overheating unnecessarily.

Professionals opt for products over 1200 watts. This technique can easily process even durable reinforced concrete.

Conversely, never buy cheap models below 400W. The level of their work will be even worse than conventional hammer drills due to lower speeds.

When buying, please note: the weight of the tool increases with increasing power.

Try to choose a middle ground so that there is enough power and reasonable price and weight.

Benefits of Bosch rotary hammers

When it comes to construction equipment, Bosch is a great specialist in this area.

  1. Hammer drills of the German company have a reputation as one of the best in the world.
  2. Electrical equipment, household appliances of the German manufacturer are distinguished by durability, quality, reliability.
  3. Modern technologies and equipment of the concern’s plants provide opportunities for improvement, adaptation of products in accordance with the requirements of users around the world.

Briefly about the history of the brand

The history of the BOCH brand began in 1886 in Germany. It was then that engineer Robert Bosch opened the country’s first electrical workshop. Under this brand, in early 1932, the world’s first electric rotary hammer was released. In the spring of 1961, the company’s engineers patented a new pneumatic principle of operation of this tool. At the end of 1946, the company produced the first electric jigsaw, and in 1984, the Bosch battery-operated rotary hammer.

Today the concern is one of the world leaders in the production of quality goods that make life easier for people. The company consists of 300 enterprises and more than 13,000 service centers located in 140 countries. The range of its products includes, in addition to a variety of power tools, also high-quality household and garden equipment, as well as batteries and saws.

How Bosch rotary hammers differ from the rest

Bosch rotary hammers

The German concern is exacting in compliance with quality standards, technical specifications of products.

  1. The company pays due attention to the special assortment in each country.
  2. Electrical appliances work perfectly in local climatic conditions, taking into account local electrical voltage.
  3. A wide choice and price range of devices that meet all the requirements of customers.

Which hammer drill is better to choose: evaluation criteria before buying

When choosing a hammer drill, consider the following parameters:

  1. Tool type.
  2. Power.
  3. Number of operating modes.
  4. RPM and beat frequency.
  5. Impact force.
  6. Cartridge type.
  7. Weight.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the specific properties of a particular device. For example, does the device have a quick release system, a carbon indicator.

The standard parameter that affects the overall level and quality of the drill is also the brand.

Tool type

perforator work

According to the energy source / power source, hammer drills are divided into electric (mains) and wireless (battery).


Classic electrical connection. Plug the cable into the socket, no need to worry about the battery status. You can start working right away. Usually they have less weight, dimensions (no battery).

Used in the household, construction industry.

More efficient, long uninterrupted operation possible. They have a long service life. The minor downside is that you are tied to one place (regardless of the length of the extension cord) and the cable can be quite annoying at times.


Models are no longer intended for the most demanding users due to objectively lower performance.

On the other hand, the indisputable advantage of a wireless tool is its portability — you can work with it literally anywhere, there is no need for a network connection.

The disadvantages of these types include more weight and the fact that due to the battery, or rather, its discharged state, there is a rapid decrease in the efficiency of chiselling.

But in general, the battery device is close in performance to expensive models.


perforator power

The main, and therefore the decisive parameter, indicating the real performance of the power tool. The higher the productivity, the easier it is to crush the material.

For an ordinary house, 600 W is enough, for drilling panels — 800 W. Models 1200 Watts are designed for professionals who know how to process reinforced concrete or marble.

On the opposite side — 400 watts of the weakest (cheapest) models. They are not worth buying, they will cost the same as a classic power tool, but will work worse due to low speeds.

If you are looking for high performance, then do not forget that the higher it is, the greater the weight of the equipment, the more tired you will be during chiselling.

Number of operating modes

The Bosch rotary hammer can be equipped with additional features, such as a dust collector or customization options, which are important.

The most important thing is the ability to adjust the speed and frequency.

Thus, precise, efficient chiseling is guaranteed, there is no need to press with full force.

Important: the harder the material, the lower the speed and impact that is used.

The carbon status indicator is certainly also practical, thanks to which you can always react quickly, replace the carbon in the electric motor.


When choosing a rotary hammer from the German manufacturer BOSCH, it is important to consider the following details:

  • first of all you need to understand which option is better: a compact battery model or a device with a long mains cable;
  • power limit, number of impacts and revolutions per minute of operation, as well as impact energy should become key criteria for choosing an instrument;
  • professionals recommend paying attention to the diameter of drilling in metal, wood and concrete, the presence of a safety clutch and reverse;
  • in the store is ask a consultant about the weight and dimensions of the device, equipment and warranty period.

RPM and beat frequency

characteristics of perforators

We talked about the speed above, so you already know that for the correct functioning of the technique, you must take into account low speeds.

The frequency is characterized by the number of translational movements per unit of time. The frequency range varies from 2200 to 5500 bpm.

Too fast rotation of the drill and frequency is more likely to break the workpiece surface than to drill the required hole in it.

The norm for household appliances is 800 rpm and 4500 beats / min.

Impact force

Impacts/shocks are required to penetrate the material. This is best expressed by the force of the push, which is measured in joules (J).

The higher the value, the more powerful, the faster the chisel penetrates the material.

It is true that with an increase in the power of the device, its mass and dimensions increase.

For simple work, a force of about 1.5 J is enough (we are talking, of course, about pneumatics), for complex work — at least 2.5-3 J. In large professional models — with a force of 6 J per stroke or more.

Cartridge type

perforator drills

Do you still have an old cartridge at home, where each drill has to be clamped with a special key? This system is gradually disappearing, being replaced by self-clamping drills. This is the so-called SDS system, which, in addition to a simple, fast clamping of the drill, guarantees an optimal energy transfer.

There are two main clamping methods:

SDS Plus

The mechanism of light devices uses a clamping rod with a diameter of 10 mm. In addition, it is equipped with flutes to improve drilling efficiency, preventing unwanted rotation of the drill. This type allows you to install drills with a diameter of 4-32 mm.

It is always necessary to select special kits compatible with the shank system.


SDS-Max heavy chisel clamping method. Suitable for drills with a diameter of 12-52 mm. The clamping shank with a diameter of 18 mm is equipped with three grooves. You will hardly find this method in the category of household goods, since it is used for professional power tools.


Bosch rotary hammer weight

Weight is an important parameter. This is due to the fact that if there are difficulties in lifting the equipment, it will be difficult to work with it effectively. In addition, weight significantly affects the specialization of the model.

Basically, there are 4 categories:

  • 2–3 kg are popular models. Application: small alterations around the house.
  • 4-5 kg ​​- heavy. Application: extensive construction work, chiselling masonry, concrete.
  • 4-5 kg ​​- heavy hammers. Application: various construction works, chiselling of thick brickwork, concrete (electrical works, thermal insulation of buildings, chiselling of thick walls, concrete, bricks).
  • 6-7 kg or more — super-heavy models, most often combined or even knock-out.

Keyless chuck SDS

The device is used to fasten the working attachments to the unit, prevents them from turning and ensures easy replacement. BOCH rotary hammers are equipped with two types of cartridges:

  • SDS max. For bits with a shank diameter of 18 mm. The cartridge is characterized by the presence of 5 grooves (3 open — for insertion; 2 closed — for fixation) and is suitable for fastening a drill with a working diameter of more than 25 mm.
  • SDS plus. For attaching bits with a shank diameter of 10 mm. The device is distinguished by the presence of 4 grooves (2 open and 2 closed). These cartridges are equipped with light models of perforators, the drills of which can drill holes up to 25 mm.

Rating of the best Bosch rotary hammers in terms of price-quality ratio



  • Battery voltage: 18 volts.
  • Weight: 2.3 kg.
  • Brushless motor.

The perforator is universal. Impact drilling or chiselling. Thanks to the high-capacity 5Ah lithium-ion battery, you don’t have to worry about connecting the cable — you can drill where you need it.


  • up to 216 holes in concrete per battery charge (6×40 mm);
  • LED backlight;
  • reduced dimensions.


  • supplied without battery.

Bosch GBH 240

Bosch GBH 240

  • Strength: 2.4 J;
  • clamping mechanism: SDS-Plus;
  • 2.8 kg.

Electropneumatic model. Chiselling with adapter, drills with cylindrical shank. Equipped with a torque limiter to protect the user and the machine from kickback. Hammer drilling or chiselling (up to 40 bit adjustment positions).


  • the switch is located under the machine, protected from dust, which prolongs the service life;
  • friction clutch prevents the machine from tipping over;
  • long power cord;
  • comfortable handle;
  • quite light weight.


  • the switch is located at the bottom front — you need to get used to it;
  • less impact force.


Fast, versatile power tool for everyday use. Powerful motor — 800 W, impact chisel. 36 bit angles. Disabling rotation when mowing. Impact switch for steel, wood. Easy clamp replacement.


  • safe clutch;
  • swivel plate with squares (same power right, left).


  • not detected.


An inexpensive Bosch rotary hammer is an analogue of a Hammer. Powerful two-speed electric tool 800 W, universal device. Robust metal gearbox cover for longer life, mechanical safety clutch guarantees greater safety.


  • according to customer reviews, ideal for repairs in the apartment.


  • high price.

Additional functions of aggregates

Regardless of the type and brand, most models of this German technology are equipped with a set of features that increase the performance and ease of use of devices. Almost all units are equipped with:

  • Dust removal system. We note this element especially, since if it is present, you can forever forget what disassembly is. A Bosch rotary hammer equipped with this feature has an extended warranty period.
  • Shaft rotation stabilizer.
  • Rail, limiting the depth of drilling.
  • Soft start system.
  • Rotation speed controller.
  • anti-vibration system.
  • Protective device to prevent overheating.

    bosch puncher disassembly

Thanks to the various capabilities of the devices, any user — from a professional builder to a simple home craftsman — will be able to choose the Bosch rotary hammer that suits his needs. Reviews about this tool are only positive and speak of its versatility, efficiency and consistently high quality.


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