Letters from readersDremel
Dremel Stylus Model: Weight — 0.295kg, 5-25 thousand rpmLithium-Ion battery — 7.2V (capacity — oneA / h). Price — 2900rub.

Letters from readersDremel
Dremel Multi Tool400 Series Digital. Price (independing on set of nozzles)4400-5700 rub.Letters from readersDremel

Letters from readersDremel
Drill Kinzo: 110W (220AT), 15-30 thousand rpm. ATcomplete box with nozzles and flexible shaft. Price — 2400rub.

Letters from readersDremel
Adjustable Dremel Clamps (400-800 rubles) allow you to work with details of the most bizarre shape

Dmitry Ustinov

Hello, the editors of your favorite magazine! I like to do everything with my own hands. This is my hobby. Since I have it for a long time, a lot of necessary things have accumulated in the house. Andthese are not only electric saws, a jigsaw, a drill and other «construction» equipment, but also tools for small, almost jewelry work: a drill, sets of needle files and cutters, polishing devices andt.n. When I move to the country in the summer, they alone completely occupy the trunk of the car. Maybe there is some newer equipment on sale— compact, but capable of replacing such a huge arsenal?

Surely the question asked worries many readers who have the same hobby. There really is compact equipment on sale. These are the so-called high-speed straight grinders. On their «brothers»— well-known angle grinders (invernacular— Bulgarians)— they don’t look alike. straight grinding— small and compact, as they are intended for «jewelry» work with low loads. Now they are offered on the market by companies such as AEG, Dremel— part of the Bosch concern, Metabo (all— Germany), Ferm (Netherlands— China), Kinzo (Netherlands) andothers

For «home jewelers» of particular interest are multifunctional products from Dremel, Ferm and Kinzo, which sellers often call «drills». Of the three listed brands, Dremel devices are the most known to both amateurs and professionals (engravers, jewelers, restorers).— we will tell about them in more detail.

Dremel300 series Digital with a capacity of 125W looks like an electric screwdriver. The shaft speed is stepwise adjustable in the range 10-33 thousand rpm. A collet chuck is used to clamp the tooling, but a cam chuck can be installed. Tool weight— 550G.ATthe kit includes a flexible shaft and a set of nozzles (55PCS.). Price— 2999rub. Dremel 400 has 140 horsepowerW and weight 590G.The rotational speed is adjustable in the range5-33 thousand rpm at intervals 1000 rpm The model is equipped with electronics for soft start and maintenance of torque at a constant level (the settings are reflected on the digital display). ATset of 80 nozzles, milling compasses and cutting guides. AT2008The company has released a convenient cordless Dremel Stylus model.

ToDremel multitools offer an arsenal of easily interchangeable attachments and attachments. Thanks to the latter, the tool can be mounted horizontally or vertically, turning it into a miniature drilling, grinding or milling machine. ATThe Dremel Multi-Vise Universal Vise is also on sale, allowing you to accurately fix the position of workpieces of both standard and unusual shapes on a workbench, table or board up to 6.3 thick.see Articulated design allows 360 rotation of the viseabouttilt by 50about. Removable clips are also useful, which can be used both with the main unit and separately. FROMusing various nozzles, you can cut a lock and change cracked ceramic tiles, fix a chair and cut off the remains of a gas pipe, sharpen knives (as well as any garden tool) and grind jewelry, remove old paint and rust, remove dust and dirt from the most inaccessible places. Attachments are sold as in specialized sets (for example, a multi-functional set for cutting, grinding, engraving andt.etc.), and piece by piece.

  • Source: Ideas for Your Home Magazine#119


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