Lawn stylists MTD Lawn stylists Husqvarna
It is easy to distinguish a gas lawn mower from an electric lawn mower by appearance. Her engine is «bare» for cooling— model R 145 SV (Husqvarna) Lawn stylists AL-KO
In an electric lawn mower, the engine is hidden under the casing, as in the Comfort 40 Bio Combi (AL-KO) Lawn stylists AL-KO
The design of the petrol trimmer BC 4125 (AL-KO) includes a shoulder strap and handles for comfortable work Lawn stylists Makita
Electric trimmer UM 3830 (Makita) with a top-mounted engine provides a cutting width of 40 cm Lawn stylistsBosch

The electric trimmer Rotak 34LI (Bosch) you can adjust the angle of the cutting head, which makes it easier to process sloped areas and give them the desired shape Lawn stylists Honda
The cutting tool of a trimmer is not always a fishing line. When developing a site overgrown with large weeds, shrubs, a nozzle in the form of a metal disk with teeth will help you Lawn stylists Stiga
Electric trimmers equipped with line often have a bent shaft to eliminate gear loss. Lawn stylists AL-KO
The electric model with the lower arrangement of the engine for simplification of work is equipped with the additional handle Lawn stylists Honda
Petrol trimmer— a completely autonomous mechanism. Stock up on fuel, and a gasoline lawn mower, for example, the UMK425E1 (Honda) model, will work anywhere with a fishing line and a knife Lawn stylists AL-KO
The Silver 46 BR Comfort (AL-KO) petrol lawn mower is equipped with a 65l. It provides a working width of 46cm. Cutting height is adjustable within 25-75 cm Lawn stylists Husqvarna
Equally important are the dimensions of the lawn mower when folded, especially for transportation and storage. For example, the compact model LC 48 V (Husqvarna) Lawn stylists Honda
Self propelled lawn mower HRG465SDE (Honda) allows you to reduce human effort to a minimum and process large areas Lawn stylists MTD
On some models of lawn mowers, along with the mulching mechanism, spreaders are installed that evenly distribute the mulch over the treated surface. Lawn stylists Makita
The layout of all lawn mowers has common features: it is a four-wheel platform, where a cutting mechanism is installed in the inter-wheel space, the height of which above the ground determines the height of the pile Lawn stylists Makita
If you look at the lawn mower from below, you will see that the cutting blade is curved to lift the blades of grass with the air flow and easily cut them.

Neat green lawn in front of the house— the dream of any summer resident. But such beauty requires a lot of work— after all, it must be maintained in proper condition. An old scythe is hardly suitable for such jewelry work, so you can’t do without lawn mowers and trimmers.

What associations primarily arise with the word «mow»? The amazing aroma of freshly cut grass, endless Russian fields and … a stately man who masterfully wields a scythe. The images are really beautiful, but in reality, mowing required considerable physical effort. Modern technologies designed to facilitate human labor have taken their toll, and the scythe has long retired. It was replaced by automated trimmers and lawn mowers. ATideally, it is better to purchase both a trimmer and a lawn mower at once, since the former will get to the most inaccessible places, and working with the latter is much easier.

Suitable size

All land owners, whether they are rural residents or happy owners of «small-sized» 6 acres, are united by the need to mow the grass. This is laborious work, and it has to be done quite often: in order for the lawn to remain neat, it needs to be mowed 2-3 times a day.month (ideal pile height is approximately 40mm). ATIn this article, we will talk about the most common mowing technique for medium-sized plots (up to 25 acres).

There are many different machines for mowing a small lawn. The choice of a particular sample primarily depends on the size of the latter. Everything is extremely simple here, because you will be guided in the same way as when buying clothes. Manufacturers of garden equipment have approved the dimensions of lawns and indicate them in reference materials. So, size S corresponds to a lawn with an area of ​​150m2M— 150-400m2L— 400-1000m2.XL— more than 1000m2.

Mini tractor
Lawn stylists Viking If the area to be mowed exceeds the L and XL dimensions, even self-propelled lawnmowers may not be able to handle the load. More serious machines have been developed for such territories.— riders. These are quite powerful (more than 10l. c.) units with internal combustion engines, a seat and control levers for a person. Outwardly, they resemble a mini-tractor. The rider’s turning radius is small, allowing him to easily mow grass around obstacles such as flowerbeds, trees, andt.e. You can not discount the pleasure that the driver gets when he «steers» such a unit, processing his site.

All in your hands

The easiest way to clean up a small area (size S)— buy a trimmer. True, it will not be possible to get a real smooth lawn with it: the height of the stems will always be uneven, because, constantly holding the device in your hands on weight, you are unlikely to be able to ensure perfectly even mowing by eye. Mowing grass over a large area with a trimmer is quite difficult, and not everyone has the physical strength to do it. However, manufacturers are trying to improve the quality of the haircut. So, in order to cut grass on inclined surfaces, the working bodies in some models— for example, ART 26 (BoschGermany)— can be adjusted to the appropriate angle. If you do not make high demands on the smoothness of the lawn, a garden trimmer is enough. BUTin order to maintain in good condition certain areas of the suburban area— borders near the fence, hard-to-reach places (say, near the bushes) andt.P.,— it is simply irreplaceable.

The «heart» of the trimmer is an electric or gasoline drive that rotates the bobbin. ATa spool of fishing line is hidden in it, the ends of which (antennae) go out. Under the action of centrifugal forces, the ends of the fishing line straighten and turn into the sharpest blades that cut the grass. Line diameter— 1-4mm: the thicker it is, the easier it copes with large stems and lasts longer. The cutting width is determined by the diameter of the rotation of the ends of the fishing line (usually 28-42cm). Don’t worry, getting started, you don’t have to measure exactly this distance with a ruler: a restrictive cross knife is installed on the trimmer’s protective casing, which automatically cuts off the excess length of the fishing line when the device is turned on.

Over time, the ends of the line wear out and become thinner. This happens especially quickly when they often come into contact with solid obstacles (stones, bushes andt.d.). If the fishing line breaks, it is necessary to restore the working length of its ends, and, depending on the model— differently. So, in the product ET700 (MTD, USA) manual adjustment is provided: the trimmer should be turned off and the ends of the fishing line pulled out to the desired diameter. ATsemi-automatic designs 8110 (Efco, Italy), HBC26SJS (Homelite, USA) lengthen the «antennae» by tapping the reel on the ground. Some owners of such equipment complain that with such a device, the fishing line is spent uneconomically, since it often involuntarily stretches out (for example, if the device hits a bump). ATGL models350 (BlackDecker, USA) the line is automatically extended by 1-2see each time the engine is started.

If you plan to work in harsh environments (stiff stalks, scrub, neglected weeds andt.etc.), which the fishing line is «too tough», take a look at the models that provide the ability to replace the bobbin with the «antennae» with a metal disk with sharp sharpened teeth. ATin any case, remember that it is better to mow tall grass in several passes, removing 10-15cm, otherwise it wraps around the bobbin and blocks its rotation, increasing the load on the engine until it breaks. Therefore, it is more expedient to buy devices with engine protection against overheating and shutdown (then it will simply turn off at a critical load).

Electrical. The most affordable are electric trimmers powered by the mains. They are made in the form of a cane, equipped with a convenient handle with a switch.

When buying a device, you will have to choose a model with the location of the electric motor at the bottom or at the top of the reed. ATin the first case, the reel is mounted on the shaft of a low-power motor (200-500W). As a rule, such a trimmer allows you to bring the final gloss, removing the «roughness» in the appearance of the lawn. This device is quite capricious and is ready to work only with low and soft grass. ToAlso, because the motor is low, the manual does not allow cutting wet grass for safety reasons.

Similar problems are not terrible for devices with an engine power of 600-1300W located at the top of the boom. Rotation is transmitted to the working tool by means of a flexible metal cable passing inside the rod.

Electric trimmers— very practical tools that do not need any consumables other than fishing line. The only thing that significantly limits their use is— the presence of the mains and the length of the electrical cable. However, working with any electric trimmer requires constant attention.— after all, the cable can get under cutting knives or damage green spaces.

Rechargeable. If you do not like fiddling with the power cable, twisting and unwinding it, constantly moving it from place to place so as not to damage the flowers, it is worth getting a cordless trimmer. By design, these devices are similar to electrical ones. They are charged from the network, and then function offline. Instead of fishing line, plastic knives are mainly used here. The time of continuous operation of the battery trimmer, as a rule, does not exceed 30min. During this period, it is possible to process approximately 100m2 lawn. Then the battery must be recharged (depending on the model, this takes 3-10h). But the user is provided with a respite. Many of these rates will not suit. But if you still like just such a wireless model, there is an opportunity to cheat: buy several batteries at once and change them in the process.

Petrol. If electricity is not available to you for any reason, you can opt for a gasoline trimmer with an internal combustion engine running on a mixture of gasoline and oil. Structurally, such a trimmer resembles an electric trimmer with an overhead engine, only a two-stroke (less often four-stroke) gasoline is installed instead of an electric motor. Its advantages: complete autonomy, long life of continuous operation, ability to function in rainy weather. But there are also unconditional disadvantages: an increased noise level compared to electric ones, the presence of exhaust gases, the need to purchase and store fuels and lubricants, vagaries at startup (the exact composition of the mixture must be observed).

Lawn stylists

Increasingly, lawn mowers such as Viking are equipped with mechanisms for mulching, that is, grinding the cut grass with special blades to the smallest particles. To prevent the grass from remaining on the lawn, they are equipped with grass collectors made in the form of plastic containers or fabric bags.

Lawn stylists
Lawn stylists
Lawn stylists

Less effort, more space

If the plot is M or larger, or if you want to create a perfectly smooth lawn (with a deliberately flat soil surface), it is better to take a lawn mower into service. FROMit is easier to work with it, because you do not have to carry it in your hands. The height of the grass can limit the use of such a device: if the area is literally overgrown with weeds to the waist, you should first, using a trimmer, remove at least half the length of the stems. In addition, using a lawn mower, it is problematic to carefully mow the grass around a flower bed or shrub, as well as on an uneven area (with bumps, pits andt.P.). Lawn mowers are diverse: they are mechanical, electric, battery and gasoline.

Mechanical. The most primitive type of lawn mower— mechanical (spindle). It is made in the form of a two-wheeled cart, which is pushed in front of a person. The device does not have a motor and consumes the energy of the user. The working tool of the unit is a drum rotating from the wheels. There are longitudinal bars on it (they also serve as knives), capturing the upper parts of the grass and directing them to a horizontal knife. At the same time, knives in different models «cooperate» in different ways: they are in close contact with each other, like scissors, or there is a gap of about 0.05 between them.mm. The latter option is preferable because it makes the job easier and virtually eliminates noise. Distinctive feature of mowing with a mechanical lawn mower— an even cut of blades of grass, in contrast to the torn edges that remain after cutting with rotating tools (fishing line or knives).

mowing robot

If you don’t have the time or desire to take care of your lawn, a robotic lawnmower will do it for you. It is an electric battery device that independently moves around the site. The boundary beyond which he does not cross is the control cable laid on the surface of the earth along the perimeter of the lawn. All you have to do is turn the device on/off and charge it as needed, although some models, such as Solar Hybrid (Husqvarna, Sweden), drive up to the charger on their own. There are other devices «from the future»— hovercraft lawnmowers, e.g. Turbo400 (Flymo, UK). Thanks to the fan to which the knife is attached, an air cushion is formed that lifts the unit. The mower literally hovers above the ground, so it is easy to work with it. You can effortlessly move it in all directions. You are not afraid of hills and depressions, a neat, even lawn mowing is guaranteed.

The grass cut by the spindle mowers remains on the lawn, just like when using a trimmer. But some models are equipped with grass catchers, which allows you to collect mowed greens. Manufacturers recommend mowing the lawn regularly as overgrown grass clogs the drum and makes mowing difficult. It is advisable to use such lawn mowers in S-sized areas, since they are tiring to work with on large areas.

Electrical. Such a device looks like a four-wheeled cart that a person rolls in front of him. ATthe engine is located in the body; on the output shaft of the latter, a two-blade metal knife is fixed with bent ends, like those of a fan. The curved blade creates an air flow. Under the action of his blades of grass take a vertical position, and the rotating knife cuts them at the set level.— it is determined by the distance at which the knife is located from the surface of the earth.

The cut grass is taken out of the housing to the cut surface or falls into the grass collector (box or bag). To simplify the disposal of this greenery, some lawn mowers are equipped with a mechanism that performs mulching: it grinds the grass and then scatters the resulting small particles onto the mowed area (later they become fertilizer for the lawn). The Viking company (Austria) together with the University of Vienna investigated the effect of such top dressing on the grass cover. The results of its impact turned out to be better than with the traditional (3 times during the season) introduction of substances that improve plant nutrition into the soil of the site.

For many, the most important parameter when choosing a lawn mower is its self-propelled. ATa non-self-propelled device has an engine, but it consumes energy only for mowing and processing grass, and a person has to move the device. ATIn a self-propelled unit, part of the drive energy through the gearbox is spent on moving the mower itself. This certainly makes the job easier, especially over a long period on large areas.

Rechargeable. Modern lithium-ion batteries allow for a single charge (it is reduced to 1h) to process an area up to 600m2. BUTif you purchase replacement batteries, you don’t have to wait at all until the batteries are ready to go. But as convenient and practical as battery lawn mowers are, they usually have to be moved around the site by a person. Andthey are not as powerful and productive as their electric counterparts.

Petrol. By purchasing a lawnmower with a gasoline engine, you will forget about inconvenient wires and dead batteries. In terms of quality lawn treatment, it will not yield to electric. True, you will have to put up with an increased noise level (about 90dB) and exhaust gases. ATmaintenance, gasoline mowers are much more complicated than electric ones (you need to buy fuel and store it). BUTthe problem of a large mass (due to the use of two- or four-stroke internal combustion engines) is quite easy to solve, since the device is self-propelled. The main difference between two-stroke and four-stroke engines is that the latter have a separate compartment for engine oil, and for a two-stroke to work, you need to mix oil with gasoline in a strict ratio. Two-strokes perform better on slopes, but four-strokes are less cranky when starting up.

The price of a cut lawn

The market for grass mowing devices is widely represented by the products of such leaders in the production of garden equipment as AL-KO, Gardena, Metabo (all— Germany), Craftsman (USA), Honda, Makita (both— Japan), Husqvarna, Stiga (both— Sweden), Viking (Austria), Skil (Netherlands), Blackdecker, BoschEfco, MTD andetc. Electric trimmers cost an average of 2-5thousandrub., petrol and battery a little more expensive— near 5-8thousandrub. From around 5thousandrub. prices for electric non-self-propelled lawn mowers start, from 8thousandrub.— for gasoline. BUTfor the rider will have to pay already from 50thousandrub.

Electric trimmers

Manufacturing firm Model Power, W Cutting width, cm Line diameter, mm Weight, kg price, rub.
Bottom engine
Bosch ART 23 Combitrim 400 23 1.6 2.7 1760
Black decker GL 301 300 25 1.5 2.2 1220
AL-KO TE 450 450 thirty 1.4 2.9 2594
Overhead engine
efco 8100 1000 22 2 four 5300
MTD RCTB1000 1000 40 2 5.5 3799
Viking TE 600 540 35 2 3.8 4400

Battery trimmers

Manufacturing firm Model Cutting width, cm Battery capacity, Ah Weight, kg price, rub.
Black decker GLC3000 23 1.2 1.8 4800
Bosch ART26 Li 26 1.5 2.4 5085
Viking TA 400 21 1.5 2.5 4500

Petrol trimmers

Manufacturing firm Model Power, hp Cutting width, cm Line diameter, mm Weight, kg price, rub.
Honda UMK425E1 one 40 2.4 6.1 18 300
Craftsman 79582 1.1 44 (knife 20) 2.7 7 8300
Hitachi CG27EJ(S) 1.2 45 (knife 25) 2 4.6 9500

Electric lawn mowers

Manufacturing firm Model Power, hp Cutting width, cm Pile height, mm Weight, kg price, rub.
Bosch Rotak 43 1700 43 20-70 13.1 9500
Makita ELM4601 1800 46 30-75 27 14 249
AL-KO Comfort 40 Bio Combi 1400 40 28-68 19 5900

Battery lawn mowers

Manufacturing firm Model Power, hp Cutting width, cm Pile height, mm Weight, kg price, rub.
Bosch Rotak34Li 600 34 20-70 14.7 24 990
gardena 380AC 300 38 12-42 19 10 649
Viking MA400 250-300 38 24-75 31 13 780

Gasoline lawn mowers

Manufacturing firm Model Power, hp cutting width,cm/
pile height,mm
Grass catcher capacity, l Weight, kg price, rub.
Oleo Mac MAX48TN 4.5 46/25-65 75 35.7 25 600
MTD SPK53HWI four 53/20-90 fifty 45 34 000
Viking MB650VE four 48/30-85 75 40 32 740

The editors thank Viking, Honda, BoschAL-KO, MTD, Makita, Stiga for help in preparing the material.

The material was prepared based on the results of a reader survey on the action website » We create new ideas.

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    How to change the line on a lawn mower: detailed instructions

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