Lightweight, productive and easy to use, the chainsaw is included in the household tool kit of many households in the private and farm sector. In the field of its application — sawing fuel wood, trimming ornamental and fruit trees, building wooden log and log cabins.

The operational capabilities of powerful models are expanded through the use of special nozzles. In this version, the saw with a dismantled saw set serves as a drive for removable metalworking, grinding, drilling, pumping and winch equipment.

Chinese chainsaw

A set of saws and several easily removable nozzles can replace several household tools, the total cost of which is an order of magnitude higher. A productive removable ice screw can be of great help in aerating a stocked reservoir, a winch nozzle will help to pull out a car stuck on the road.

Criteria for self-selection

The proposed range of chainsaws consists of 3 main categories.

  • In the first option, these are expensive, productive and durable models of leading European manufacturers.
  • The second group includes relatively inexpensive chainsaws with more modest working capabilities and a shorter service life.
  • The rest of the chainsaw imports are budget chainsaw products of Chinese origin.

In the domestic market of household appliances, Chinese saws of different power categories are represented by a fairly wide selection. For the most part, the best models of Chinese chainsaws are tools that copy products from leading European manufacturers with varying degrees of success.

In Russia and the CIS countries, the original China is represented by several models of chainsaws, which, in terms of their parameters and price range, meet the basic consumer requirements.

How to choose

When choosing, it should be borne in mind that the range of Chinese units on the domestic market is represented by 3 main groups:

  1. Dear chainsaws. These are models from European manufacturers who have located their facilities in China. They are durable, reliable and easy to use.
  2. Mechanisms of average cost. They have less than the previous ones, opportunities, resources. With the right attitude, the absence of overloads, they are able to perform work for a long time.
  3. Budget chainsaws. They are the cheapest, often not reliable. When overloaded, irresponsible attitude quickly fail.

Low quality saw

All of the listed groups from China on the market are represented by chainsaws of different capacities, with a different set of options.

Among all their variety, the best are those that copy the models of the leading chainsaw manufacturers in the world.

When choosing, focus on:

  • on their financial capabilities;
  • on the characteristics of mechanisms, their capabilities;
  • to the limits specified by the manufacturer;
  • to consumer reviews.

A good Chinese chainsaw should:

  1. Have:
      easy to disassemble and assemble filter, clutch cover;
  2. sufficiently tensioned chain;
  3. oil and gas tank with sealed lids;
  4. guarantee.
  5. Work with uniform noise, without giving out ringing, bubbling.

Quality Improvement Measures

In the process of modernization carried out by Chinese manufacturers of chainsaw equipment, new materials and technologies are involved.

  • In particular, due to the chrome plating of the cylinder mirror and the application of wear-resistant coatings to the parts of the crank mechanism, the resource of power units has been increased.
  • The use of more advanced carburetors and air intake filters made it possible to stabilize the traction characteristics of power units when operating in difficult conditions of variable loads.
  • When developing the hull, new industrial design technologies were used, the systems for easy engine start and emergency stop were improved.

Chinese chainsaws produced by state-owned enterprises are distinguished by increased quality. This is facilitated by modern equipment, which allowed us to bring our products to a new quality level.

How to choose a saw and what to look for?

When choosing a saw from Chinese manufacturers, first of all look at these technical parameters:

  1. engine’s type. Electric or petrol? The first is a less noisy, environmentally friendly, electric saw that is lighter in weight, but has less power and is dependent on a mains connection. A gasoline saw is powerful, fast, suitable for working with a large number of materials, but emits harmful exhaust gases and is quite massive.
  2. Purpose and power. For small garden needs, an engine with a power of up to 1.7 kW is suitable; for construction or regular tree felling, it is better to take models with a power of 2 kW or more.
  3. The weight. Again, you need to consider how often you will use the tool. Calculate your strength, do not take the device, because of which you will quickly get tired.
  4. Cooling. The presence of an air filter is mandatory so that the engine does not fail and is not subject to wear.
  5. Anti-vibration system. Not relevant for electric models, but important for gasoline ones so that the tool does not vibrate much during operation. Most often these are special rubber inserts and steel springs.

Advantages of Chinese-made chainsaws

Chinese chainsaw

In addition to moderate cost, the advantages of the Chinese chainsaw assortment should be noted:

  • a large selection of affordable spare parts and consumables;
  • the possibility of acquiring a saw of a household class of increased power;
  • unification of many spare parts, which contributes to the prompt commissioning of a faulty tool.

The shortcomings so far include:

  • poor supply of spare parts and consumables;
  • in some cases, service specialists practice replacing faulty branded parts with short-lived counterfeit;
  • leaves much to be desired in the quality of recoil starters, spring elements of the vibration damper, budget tires and saw chains.

Practice has proven that with full service and proper operation, a relatively cheap Chinese-assembled chainsaw fully develops the designated overhaul life. The overhaul of a worn tool at a cost is almost equal to the cost of a new chainsaw, therefore, it is carried out only as part of the warranty.

The best Chinese chainsaws up to 3 hp (45 cm³)

These Chinese chainsaws have not only high power, but are also equipped quite normally — a kind of “golden mean” up to 10,000 rubles. These are convenient and efficient chainsaws for a variety of tasks, whether it is gardening or full-fledged firewood. This class (45 cm³) is especially popular with rural residents and farmers, as it is more versatile.

customer rating 3.9 3.8 / 5.0
editorial score 3.7

The DDE CS4518 chainsaw is a typical Chinese chainsaw. Suitable for occasional home use. The tire is long, but in this case this is not an advantage but a disadvantage. The motor does not pull such a cut, which is fraught with rapid piston wear. In the future, we advise you to switch to a shorter saw set, for example 64 links (15 inches).

The DDE CS4518 chainsaw can be considered for purchase, only its cost seems to us to be slightly overpriced. There are many Chinese chainsaws on the market of similar quality and reliability, but cheaper.


Tire too long

Service network not developed

specifications DDE CS4518
engine power 2.45 HP (1.82 kW)
tire length 45 cm (18″)
chain (pitch) 72 links (0.325)
the weight 5.8 kg

customer rating 4.0 3.9 / 5.0
editorial score 3.8

The Elitech BP 45/16 chainsaw attracts mainly by its price. This is an option for those who want to save money. Other than that, there’s not much to brag about. The power is normal and the cut length is 40 cm, but it will not work for a long time, since the engine is not designed for high loads. Poor quality rubber components will cause regular leakage of chain oil, fuel tank cap and excessive vibration (shock absorbers will quickly wear out / tan).

Elitech BP 45/16 reviews are not very good. Most of all, users complain about cranky startup, especially after a long idle time. Well, a small puddle of oil under the saw eventually becomes something ordinary.


Attractive price

Poor quality rubber and plastic

hard to start

specifications Elitech BP 45/16
engine power 2.4 HP (1.76 kW)
tire length 40 cm (16″)
chain (pitch) 66 links (0.325)
the weight 6.0 kg

customer rating 4.1 4.05 / 5.0
editorial score 4.0

The RedVerg RD-GC45-16 is a chainsaw with great potential for cutting firewood or lumber. The powerful engine easily overclocks a 16-inch headset. True, the chain here is of poor quality and wears out quickly. The chain tensioner is located on the side — it’s convenient, and the easy start will make winding easier.

The mixed reviews of the RedVerg RD-GC45-16 speak of problems with oil leakage, high fuel consumption and strong vibration at high speeds. This makes it impossible for any long-term work to be done. Even if you do not get tired, you will have to stop for a gas station.


Attractive price

Good service

High fuel consumption

Strong vibration at high speeds

Specifications REDVERG RD-GC45-16
engine power 2.45 HP (1.8 kW)
tire length 40 cm (16″)
chain (pitch) 66 links (0.325)
the weight 6.6 kg

customer rating 4.4 4.35 / 5.0
editorial score 4.3

The PATRIOT PT 641 chainsaw is designed for a variety of jobs in the countryside all year round. Easy start even in severe frost is the merit of a special starter and carburetor; in addition, the body is made of frost-resistant plastic. There is enough power to pull a 16-inch (40 cm) headset, which has an atypical ⅜ pitch for this class. Overall, this is a well-built household chainsaw.

The PATRIOT RT 641 model has no special sores. You may run into chain oil leaks or the factory chain will stretch quickly, but these are standard situations for Chinese saws. Except the cost is high. Apparently, therefore, most stores sell this chainsaw at a discount or promotion.


Easy start

Rich equipment

Warranty up to 3 years

Price is high without discount/promotion

characteristics PATRIOT RT 641
engine power 2.45 HP (1.8 kW)
tire length 40 cm (16″)
chain (pitch) 56 links (3/8)
the weight 6.4 kg

Daewoo Power Products DACS 4500

customer rating 4.4 4.45 / 5.0
editorial score 4.5

In this category, the Daewoo Power Products DACS 4500 chainsaw has the best ratio of power, cutting length and weight. The nikasil-coated motor produces a little more than 3 hp, but at the same time, the fully assembled unit weighs some 6.6 kg. The benefits don’t end there. We see here a high-quality headset, and high-quality plastic, and high-quality assembly. Everything is on top — and this is for such and such money! This is clearly a difficult “Chinese”, the Korean company monitors the assembly production in the Middle Kingdom.

Mostly positive reviews of Daewoo DACS 4500 confirm our opinion. Users are satisfied with the reliability and performance of the unit. People especially praise the quiet and smooth operation of the engine compared to other Chinese chainsaws. Some are not satisfied with the heavy weight, but this is a very powerful chainsaw, comrades, which is capable of knocking down even a large tree.


Nikasil coated motor (powerful and economical at the same time)

Best in class power density

Reduced vibration level

Warranty up to 3 years

specifications Daewoo DACS 4500
engine power 3.2 HP (2.35 kW)
tire length 40 cm (16″)
chain (pitch) 66 links (0.325)
the weight 6.6 kg
  1. Replacing the piston group of a Chinese lawn mower (43-52cm³) — Forward, Redverg, Patriot
  2. Frequent malfunctions of Chinese saws 45-52cm³ — Forward, Redverg, Patriot, Prorab

European models of Chinese assembly

All Chinese-made chainsaws differ from European branded counterparts in an affordable cost, but the technical and especially operational properties of budget-level developments do not fully meet the requirements of European standards.

Household and professional chainsaw equipment, which is produced in China at specialized enterprises of European companies, is distinguished by high quality.

Despite the widespread use of Chinese components, the quality of Oleo-Mac, MTD, Efco and a number of other brands is maintained at the proper level. Consider the main technical characteristics of popular Chinese models.


Chinese chainsaw Forte

Powerful, 2.4 kW motor of this tool with a working volume of 45.5 cm3, allows you to take advantage of productive saw armatures up to 45 cm long.

The advantages of this model include a large reserve of torque of the power unit, efficient operation of the vibration damper, and the ability to work from any position.

Price up to 5000 rubles

In this price range, Chinese chain saws are most widely represented. Among the first in the popularity rating among compatriots:

  1. FGS 45-45 from Forte with a good anti-vibration system, the ability to work in any position and cut medium diameter logs. She has:
      engine size — 45 cm³, power — 2.4 kW;
  2. 45 cm tire;
  3. cost — from 2.3 thousand rubles.
  4. Cheap chain saw

  5. Foreman Professional with power unit increased to 2.8 kW. The latter has air cooling, which eliminates overheating of the chainsaw during continuous and long work. The unit is equipped with a Japanese Walbro carburetor, which increases the durability of the product. The model costs from 2.7 thousand rubles.
  6. Rostec BP-52 Professional. You can buy it for 1.85 thousand rubles, although the unit is equipped with a powerful (3 kW) motor and can be used when felling trees, for construction work. Is different:
  7. ease of use;
  8. the presence of hand protection;
  9. internal chrome plating of cylinders;
  10. the ability to work in different positions.
  11. Rostec BP-52 Professional

  12. GoodLuck, positioned by the manufacturer as a professional. Chainsaw:
      with low consumption of gasoline;
  13. with the protection of the hands of the worker;
  14. with a 2.8-kilowatt motor with a cooling system;
  15. with a weight of 5 kg;
  16. with easy maintenance;
  17. with a price of 2.75 thousand rubles.
  18. GreenTec, which has the Russian marking BTs-0112 and is offered for sale at a price of 3.2 thousand rubles. It has the ability to control idle speed and fuel mixture supply. Equipped with:
      bus length 45 cm;
  19. engine of medium (1.8 kW) power and a volume of 45 cm³;
  20. fuel and oil tank with a capacity of 600 and 400 ml, respectively.

Chainsaw Foreman Professional

Chinese chainsaw Brigadier

The operational capabilities of the product, which is universal in many respects, apply to a wide range of sawing works of various profiles. The chainsaw is equipped with a powerful 2.8 kW two-stroke carburetor engine, with stable traction parameters and economical fuel-oil fuel mixture consumption.

Adapted to difficult weather conditions, the power unit is equipped with an upgraded starting system, the best in its category economical WALBRO carburetor, a 50 cm long saw set with improved performance.

How to choose a Chinese chainsaw in terms of price / quality ratio?

When choosing a Chinese chainsaw, be sure to study the main criteria:

  1. Power. For household appliances, experts recommend limiting appliances with a power of 1500 to 2500 watts. For simple work with branches and shrubs, you can buy a saw with less power, but if you often work with lumber, then it is better to choose more engine power.
  2. Chain pitch. Devices intended for domestic use have a chain pitch of 3/8 inch.
  3. Bar length. It depends on how thick the logs, branches or boards that you will often work with will be. Most often it is 40-50 cm. Do you often take the device with you and transport it in the trunk? The length of the tire may be limited to 35-40 cm.
  4. Additional equipment. Pay attention to the equipment and features that provide comfort and safety of operation. For example, the chain brake reduces the risk of injury during heavy kickback. And the anti-vibration system removes the effect of vibrations from the engine on the saw handles. If you often transport the saw from place to place, then a casing for the bar should be included in the package. A set of tools that will come in handy for servicing the device or repairing it will not be superfluous.

Saw Good Luck

Chinese chainsaw GoodLuck

The chainsaw of the GoodLuck model has a professional status.

The advantages of this unit:

  • modern industrial design of the case;
  • the form of handles promoting reliable capture;
  • increased reliability of loaded nodes and systems;
  • economical consumption of the fuel mixture;
  • improved design of the security system;
  • the volume of filling tanks increased in relation to household models.

Chainsaw BP-52 Proffesional

Taking into account the requirements and recommendations of users, Chinese manufacturers have developed a professional Rostec saw model BP-52 Proffesional, modern in terms of technical and operational characteristics.

Salient features of this tool:

  • increased to 3 kW power of the carburetor drive;
  • two piston compression rings;
  • adjustable performance of the oil pump of the lubrication system;
  • reducing the weight of the tool due to the widespread use of shockproof moisture-frost-resistant plastic.

TOP 5 best powerful chainsaws


Another model of universal use, which is suitable for both a beginner and a professional.

High-quality assembly from good materials, perfectly balanced internals, a powerful 2.3 kW gasoline engine and an air filter allow this tool to perfectly cope with timber, boards and trunks of any thickness.

Native chain of good quality, but quickly blunt. In this case, it can be sharpened or replaced with a better one.

The fuel tank is designed for 550 ml of fuel, and this gives a significant margin of time without interruption for refueling.

The saw starts up quickly and after assembly is ready for use, you just need to make a fuel mixture and pour oil into a container located on top.

Main characteristics:

  1. Engine (type / power) — gasoline / 2300 W.
  2. Tire length — 45 cm.
  3. The chain pitch is 0.325 inches.
  4. Fuel tank capacity — 550 ml.
  5. Weight — 5.6 kg (body only).


  • good engine power;
  • capacious fuel tank;
  • balance of price and quality.


  • not detected.

PATRIOT PT 5220 Imperial

A good gasoline saw that is useful for both gardening and construction needs.

The engine power is 2.5 kW, which allows you to cope with thin branches and thick trunks / beams.

The saw is quite compact in size, has an anti-vibration system that ensures a stable and secure position in the hand..

And the chain brake is responsible for safety, which will not allow the tool to work if it breaks out of the control of the owner.

It’s nice that the saw starts up very quickly, with one or two revolutions.

It consumes fuel economically, despite the high power ratings, and you don’t have to mess around with oil for a long time — the tank is in a convenient place and is equipped with a wide neck.

The tool does not overheat, as it is equipped with a well-designed air filter. Such a device will work for a long time and will not cause trouble with repair or maintenance.

Main characteristics:

  1. Engine (type / power) — gasoline / 2500 W.
  2. Tire length — 50 cm.
  3. The chain pitch is 0.325 inches.
  4. Weight — 7.6 kg.


  • engine power;
  • there is an anti-vibration system;
  • Has a chain brake
  • balance of quality and price.


  • the chain gets dull quickly;
  • spare chain is hard to find.


A quality model of a gasoline saw from a Chinese manufacturer, which differs significantly from its competitors in a good price-quality ratio.

The body is made of first-class materials, and the motor has a power of 2.5 kW. At the same time, the installed filter for the fuel tank and the anti-vibration system will provide comfort during use and a long service life.

The device will not lose its resource even with regular work with thick logs and large trunks.

The user will not be interrupted from work for a long time thanks to a capacious fuel tank.

And if a tool malfunction occurs or control of the machine is lost, the chain brake will work so that there is no idling and no injury occurs.

Main characteristics:

  1. Engine (type / power) — gasoline / 2500 W.
  2. Tire length — 45 cm.
  3. Fuel tank capacity — 520 ml.
  4. The chain pitch is 0.325 inches.
  5. Weight — 5.1 kg.


  • significant power;
  • build quality;
  • well held in the hand;
  • starts up quickly.


  • noisy;
  • starts to vibrate when accelerating.


Despite the fact that this model has been on the market for more than one year, however, even in 2021, it continues to be very popular among buyers..

Lightweight, compact, well-assembled and ready to go. You can use this saw both at the dacha and at the construction site.

Its power is 3.4 hp. enough to work off dead wood, firewood or materials for a log house / building.

The saw starts quickly, the fuel tank is designed for 520 ml of mixture. It is spent very economically and for a long time the tool will not need refueling.

The installed cooling system will protect the engine and other elements from overheating and wear, which significantly extends the service life..

This saw unit is fully repairable, easy to use and maintain.

Main characteristics:

  1. Engine (type / power) — gasoline / 3.4 hp
  2. Tire length — 45 cm.
  3. The chain pitch is 0.325 inches.
  4. Fuel tank capacity — 520 ml.
  5. Weight — 6.4 kg.


  • significant engine power;
  • affordable price tag;
  • easy to start;
  • long service life.


  • fuel consumption is not very economical.

ZUBR PBTs-560 45dp

If you look through the assortment of the ZUBR company, you will notice that the most popular among Russians is the line of PBTs tools.

This model has become the most powerful representative of the brand and is suitable for both felling and sawing thick logs. Able to work for a long time, designed for regular use.

Engine power is 3.3 hp. or 2.4 kW. The manufacturer did not forget about a high-quality air filter and a filter for the fuel tank, so the saw will work for a long time and without breakdowns.

The strength and constancy of compression is beneficially affected by the chrome coating of the cylinder and the presence of two rings on the piston.

It also reduces wear on the device. The tool is unpretentious in maintenance, easy to operate and quite compact for its power.

A pleasant bonus is the official five-year warranty, which indicates the manufacturer’s confidence in the quality of its product.

Main characteristics:

  1. Engine (type / power) — gasoline / 2400 W.
  2. Tire length — 45 cm.
  3. The chain pitch is 0.325 inches.
  4. Fuel tank capacity — 550 ml.
  5. Weight — 8.5 kg.


  • capacious fuel tank;
  • there is an anti-vibration system;
  • Has a chain brake
  • good power.


  • the ignition switch gets in the way.

Chainsaw brand Champion

Chinese chainsaw Champion

For a buyer with limited financial resources, the model range of the Chinese brand Champion may be of interest. In just 10 years, the number of positive reviews for all models has increased several times.

  • Champion chainsaws cannot compete with similar products from European brands. On the other hand, for the full mechanization of chores associated with wood processing, a tool worth 5-6 thousand can be the best solution.
  • An analysis of failures and malfunctions showed that a significant proportion of them are due to illiterate operation by users and savings on the quality of consumables.

In the domestic construction markets, the sale of Champion chainsaws, independently assembled by homegrown craftsmen based on low-quality components, is not ruled out.

The foregoing fully applies to the chainsaws of the Chinese assembly Patriot and Huter. These affordable models do not amaze with the perfection of design, unique performance and durability of the resource, however, over the past years they have been in stable demand.

Expert opinion

Dmitry V.

CHAMPION 241-16 1800W/2.45HP

Experience of use: several months Advantages: Price, weight, ease of use. Disadvantages: Did not reveal, tk. nothing to compare with. Comment: At first I wanted to buy some kind of calm, like 180 on the ad, used of course. I didn’t want to spend about 10K on a thing that I rarely use. I monitored the announcements for a long time in the hope that I would come across a decent option for a sane amount, but there the saws are all rolled up, you won’t look without tears. In the end, I decided to take this inexpensive option, because. there is a s / c in my city. After using it, I realized for myself that this model suits me with everything. For sawing logs for firewood in the village, that’s it! Well, you can also cut down a tree on the site. In general, I advise.

Nikolay Mezenov

CHAMPION 241-16 1800W/2.45HP

Usage experience: several months Advantages: Very good ergonomics, confident start-up, operation mode for cold weather (there is a switch with a clear, tight fixation, tested at minus 25), the air filter can be serviced (many branded saws have a replacement), very detailed instructions (for those who write negative without reading it, this is especially true), bright color (will not get lost in the forest


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