one Harmonious interior of the kitchen-living room

From the windows of the first floor of this house offers a picturesque view of the surroundings. Sofas are arranged along the wall with large windows to make it more convenient to admire nature. The space of the kitchen, dining room and living room is combined and made in one key. The floor is tiled with a stone pattern and the ceiling is finished with natural wood. Thanks to the unity of finishes and palettes, each functional area flows organically into another, and the interior looks holistic.

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2 Cozy bright and light interior

The open space of this house was designed in light shades, which in some places are complemented by a fairly active wooden palette. In collaboration with white wood gives a sense of environmental friendliness and naturalness of the interior. At the same time, light shades make the space light and airy. This effect is enhanced by panoramic windows, which in this case were framed with very light textiles, probably in order to leave more natural light in the interior.

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3 Eco-friendly interior in natural shades with wicker decor

Classic beige here is complemented by natural notes. Against the background of neutral walls, more active natural shades are included — brown fabrics, contrasting flooring with wood texture and furniture elements, also with wood texture. Decor enhances the feeling of naturalness: wicker lampshades, raw wood poster frames, a wicker basket for textiles, houseplants and flowers. See how easily the interior is transformed with a basic finish: the photo shows changes in furniture and decor. But the right base always makes the room look complete.

four Living room with windows instead of walls and ceiling

The interesting domed ceiling in this living room looks amazing thanks to the large-scale glazing. Glasses with frames here serve as walls and roofs. They are the main accent and element of the interior. It is logical that the floor and the remaining small walls are decorated as simply as possible. Unity with nature is also achieved here thanks to indoor plants and natural details, such as wicker planters.

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5 Stylish and laconic interior

The interior of this room also uses natural materials and textures: a wooden chair with a wicker seat, flooring and small interior elements, such as flower pots under the stone. All this is complemented by traditional minimalistic light walls and a ceiling. The feeling of natural materials is enhanced by natural light from large windows. Panoramic glazing makes the interior lighter and seems to bring the space together, complementing its natural motifs.

6 Apartment with classic furniture and a cool palette

The interior of this room in a luxury hotel by the sea is made in light cold shades. The blue upholstery of the chairs is supported by the cushions on the sofa. Freshness is added by glossy silver elements in the frame of the wall decor, the base of the lamp, the base of the coffee table and the console. The interior very successfully continues the landscape, which can be observed from the panoramic windows. The TV is located in an interesting place, it is fixed on two columns directly opposite one of the glazed walls.

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7 Compact apartment project

This is an apartment project of not very large area, 45 square meters. Here it was possible to place a living room, a dining room and even allocate space for a bedroom. It was decided to separate the bed from the rest of the interior with the help of glass partitions, so that the light that comes from the panoramic windows could illuminate this area as well. Due to the absence of unnecessary decor and good lighting, the interior looks spacious and light, despite the fact that some elements of furniture and decoration are made in fairly saturated colors.


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