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The faucet is a necessary and integral part of any kitchen. Nowadays, choosing a kitchen faucet has become not so easy, as the number of options is amazing. Therefore, in order to make a choice, we have compiled a rating of the best faucet manufacturers. Trademarks have long established themselves in the plumbing market, so they value their reputation and carefully control the quality of the goods.

How to choose the right kitchen faucet

Before making a rating, our experts got acquainted with the main characteristics of kitchen faucets:

  1. View. Traditional two-valve faucets are suitable for classic interiors or rooms in retro style. The most popular are single-lever, they consume water more economically and will be a great addition to modern design. Electronic plumbing not only activates the inclusion when you put your hands under the tap, but also shows the temperature of the water.
  2. Ergonomics. For ease of use, the jet must fall exactly into the sink drain.
  3. Spout. The height of the tap directly depends on the depth of the sink. If the sink is shallow, then the “spout” of the mixer must be high, otherwise it will not be possible to wash the pan. Depending on the location of the sink (in the corner, against the wall), it is necessary to correctly select the angle of rotation of the spout. The most expensive are models that rotate 180 degrees.
  4. Extra options. The best models are equipped with aerators, water filtration, a retractable spout, valves for washing machines and dishwashers.

When distributing positions in the rating, our experts paid attention not only to the technical characteristics of the device, but also to the cost of mixers, expert opinions, as well as the popularity of the manufacturer among buyers.

Rating of the best kitchen faucets



Name of product

Best Inexpensive Kitchen Faucet Manufacturers one IDDIS the best design and quality among domestic manufacturers
2 Vidima quality control thanks to our own brass factory
3 FRAP The optimum ratio of price and quality
The best manufacturers of mid-range kitchen faucets one Grohe high wear resistance; water treatment system
2 Hansgrohe high quality assembly, magnetic fastening
3 WasserKRAFT environmentally friendly products
four Lemark soap dispenser faucets
Top Premium Kitchen Faucet Manufacturers one Blanco leaders among German products
2 Oras economical faucets

Best Inexpensive Kitchen Faucet Manufacturers

There are quite a few manufacturers of kitchen faucets in the budget segment, but we have included only the best companies in the rating. Trademarks, despite the affordable cost, sell high-quality products that meet all the basic requirements of customers.

Domestic faucets IDDIS


Trademark IDDIS offers a wide range of high quality kitchen sanitary ware at the best price. Faucets are made in various styles and shapes that will appeal to even the most demanding customers. Two-grip will be a great addition to traditional kitchens, and single-grip will bring relevance to the Art Nouveau style. Thanks to the interesting designs of the spout, you can not put the container in the sink to draw water into it.

Buyers speak of IDDIS faucets as reliable plumbing at an affordable price. Even low-functional models are made in an original attractive design. Most of all, the company is engaged in the production of chrome-plated faucets, which look very appropriate with a stainless steel sink. The manufacturer presents a wide range of kitchen faucets, thanks to which every customer can find exactly what his interior is.


  • modern design;
  • affordable price;
  • Russian trademark;
  • European quality standards and product reliability.

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High-quality products of the Bulgarian manufacturer Vidima


Vidima is one of the few companies that openly publishes data on the resources of its products, which allows you to immediately understand the approximate life of the Vidima faucet. The brand has its own production of brass, which allows you to control the quality of casting, reducing the likelihood of hidden defects in products to almost zero. German specialists are engaged in the development of product mechanisms, which ensures excellent quality and reliability of devices.

The manufacturer offers several collections of bathroom and kitchen sanitary ware. Models from the «Romance» series are characterized by a long curved spout and valves in a retro style. The Seva ranges are equipped with high or pull-out spouts, which is undoubtedly convenient for washing bulky dishes.


  • concise design;
  • optimal cost;
  • high quality production;
  • German mechanisms.


  • difficult to find spare parts.

Inexpensive plumbing brand FRAP


Products belong to the budget category and are made in China, which often raises doubts among consumers about its quality. Nevertheless, one should not immediately refuse to purchase these models, since the products are made on high-quality Italian equipment. In the creation of mixers, high-quality materials are used, which allows them to adequately perform their functions. The equipment has proven itself to be reliable and a wide range.

Frap kitchen faucets got into our rating due to their incredible popularity among buyers. They are attracted not only by the affordable price, but also by the quality of the products. The best-selling model is considered to be a ceramic faucet box with a swivel spout, a metal handle and an aerator.


  • affordable cost;
  • a wide range of;
  • decent quality.


  • products are often counterfeited.

The best manufacturers of mid-range kitchen faucets

This section of the rating contains the best faucet manufacturers, whose cost is fully consistent with the quality. Plumbing is equipped with a good set of additional features, for which modern buyers are in great demand.

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Grohe Durable Kitchen Plumbing


Grohe manufactures automatic and electronic faucets for public and commercial use. Products of the Groe company attract consumers with environmental friendliness, impeccable quality, originality and design perfection. Before starting production, the company tests the equipment, thanks to which it can guarantee its durability and reliability.

The brand produces many different collections, where single-lever and two-valve models are presented. Together with the mixer, you can install a unique water treatment system: Red will allow you to get boiling water from the tap, and Blue will allow you to get chilled, filtered and even carbonated water.


  • safety;
  • reliability;
  • functionality;
  • stylish look.


  • stain-resistant chrome topcoat.

Reliable Hansgrohe taps


The company produces highly ergonomic and reliable faucets with an exclusive design. A large selection of models will allow you to find equipment that is most suitable for the style of the kitchen. The elements of the models are made of stainless steel, thanks to which the original appearance of the product is preserved for many years.

In many models, the jet is controlled by pressing a single button, which greatly simplifies operation. And the original magnetic mount returns the pull-out shower to its original position and securely fixes it in the spout. The German manufacturer has won its respect thanks to many technical features of its products, such as a thermostat that is able to maintain the water temperature at a given level.


  • functionality and economy;
  • German brand;
  • simplicity and reliability.


  • stamped body.

Eco-friendly WasserKRAFT products


German WasserKraft faucets comply with the latest technology and high European quality standards. All materials, even when in contact with boiling water, do not emit substances harmful to health, which guarantees the environmental friendliness of the equipment.

In addition to reliability, products will delight with a huge selection of design solutions. WasserKRAFT kitchen models are made in a modern, even slightly futuristic design. High spouts are available in several colors: light or dark bronze, matt or shiny chrome. Plumbing is easy to maintain, so it does not fade over the years and is easily cleaned of plaque and stains. The company’s products undergo regular quality control.


  • environmental friendliness;
  • great quality;
  • reliability.

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Variety of colors from Lemark


Models from high-quality brass of the Lemark trademark are produced in the Czech Republic. The development of a complete set of products is carried out in Russia, taking into account the technical requirements of consumers. Lemark faucets attract with reliability, stylish design and affordable price. In the production of sanitary ware, Lemark uses Spanish cartridges and German aerators, which is why their quality meets European standards.

A distinctive feature of the products is the color solutions, the faucets are specially painted in one tone with the sink. The brand also offers mortise dispensers for liquid soap and dish detergent in the color of sanitary ware. Most models have the ability to connect a filter for water purification. In addition to modern collections, the company also sells traditional two-handed models.


  • acceptable price;
  • attractive design;
  • reliability.

Top Premium Kitchen Faucet Manufacturers

This category of the rating includes elite faucets for kitchens and professional cooking facilities. All plumbing is equipped with the latest technology, and made in the original design.

Blanco safety taps


Blanco has been a leader in the luxury sanitary ware market in Germany for many years. The modern technological process allows to produce high-strength products from a variety of materials. All elements in products that come into contact with water are made exclusively from safe materials. Blanco faucets provide not just water supply, but maximum functionality in use.

The model range of products differs in fine design and a huge variety. The company sells models for the kitchen in traditional design, in retro style, as well as models that amaze the imagination with their appearance. Refined and multifunctional mixer taps will harmoniously fit into the interior of the home kitchen, as well as in the office or professional cooking room.


  • safety;
  • functionality;
  • elegant design.


  • short warranty period.

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Economic mixer taps Oras


Oras products are manufactured in factories located in Finland, Poland and Norway. The products have an attractive design, save water and energy due to the integration of electronics into the design, which meets the highest quality standards. The high level of reliability and convenience of Oras mixers ensured their wide distribution in home interiors.

The manufacturer boasts unique models with a built-in valve for connecting a washing machine or dishwasher. Also in the collections are faucets with low, high and pull-out spouts. The OPTIMA series is equipped with a set temperature water supply system and a Smart-valve to automatically shut off the water supply after the dishwasher is finished.


  • quality;
  • reliability;
  • economy.


  • high cost of spare parts.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.


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