It is difficult for a person who has never dealt with weapons, even pneumatic ones, to immediately make a choice. Having decided to purchase a rifle for shooting at cans, bottles or targets for entertainment or training, you must remember: despite the fact that the air gun has a small caliber and muzzle energy, it is still a weapon and its choice must be approached responsibly.

A shot in such types of weapons occurs due to gas or compressed air. The pressure is generated using a special compressor or carbon dioxide cylinders.

For recreational and training shooting, spring-piston models are best suited. Such specimens are easy to operate, easy to learn and often inexpensive.

Interesting! The word «pneumatic» has Greek roots. «Pneuma» means «wind», «air».

Gamo Whisper Silent Cat — the quietest air rifle

Gamo is a 60 year old Spanish brand specializing in rifles and ammunition. Airguns and ammunition must be precise in every detail, which is why they design and manufacture them locally in Spain for better quality control. Gamo Coyote offers innovative products at an affordable price, which is why they are available in more than 90 countries around the world.

Pneumatic rifle Gamo Whisper Silent Cat It has a thin yet durable plastic body and a rubber pad to absorb recoil.

The rifle is very light and compact. It is only 5.3 pounds and 46 inches long, with a barrel length of 18.0 inches. A short barrel helps projectiles exit the barrel faster, making it easier to shoot long distances.

As the name suggests, the rifle is designed for silent shooting. And, in fact, it’s the quietest spring-loaded air rifle, thanks to a front-attached silencer.

An air rifle only costs about $150. It’s an affordable price, but it certainly doesn’t look cheap.

Pre-Pumped (PCP)

Rifle Ataman M2R Type 1 SL 5.5

Ataman M2R Type 1 Tactician SL cal. 5.5

— the best PCP pneumatics with a gearbox from a Russian manufacturer. Suitable for hunting, sports, leisure and entertainment. Equipped with a high performance rifled barrel Lotar Walther, which increases the accuracy of shooting at medium and long distances. The initial speed is 140 m/s (up to 300 m/s after amplification). Clip drum holds 10 5.5mm (.22) lead bullets. Single shooting mode.

Cocking biathlon type (SL). The resource of the HP tank is 300 atm, and the volume is 250 cm³. The Hill MK4 pump with a dryer is suitable for air injection. The owner of the PSP pneumatics without refueling will fire up to 60 shots. Natural wood stock with Soft-Touch coating (green tint). The driving elements are steel. Length: total — 1100 mm, barrel — 520 mm. The weight of the model does not exceed 3.3 kg.

Other Features:

  • notches on the trigger — create convenience for the user, reduce the likelihood of an unwanted shot;
  • adjustable back and butt cheek;
  • Picatinny rail.

Ataman M2R Type I Tactic SL caliber 5.5 mm — the «golden mean» for hunters, athletes, peeling enthusiasts. The power does not exceed 3 J, which means that the model is sold without a license. According to the owners, the device is reliable, practical and efficient.


80 853 rubles.

AirForce Texan Big Bore is the most powerful air rifle of 2021

AirForce Airguns is one of the first manufacturers of PCP air rifles in the US. The company was founded in 1994 in Texas and its main products are Texan and Texan SS rifles. AirForce has some serious airguns for serious shooters. Their rifles offer cutting edge design, performance and versatility for everyone.

Texan was released in 2015. Since then, the rifle has become a monster in the world of airguns and is famous for its powerful shots. It can be considered the most powerful PCP air rifle in the world. It is designed to close the gap between real firearms and air rifles. You should never underestimate the power of this weapon!

AirForce Texan Big Bore — air rifle designed for big hunting. You can hunt anything with this air rifle, including deer and wild boar.

With a long barrel of 43 inches, the AirForce Texan Big Bore rifle can hit targets even at 125 yards.

Although its power is lethal, you don’t have to worry about recoil — it’s not that big since compressed air is the power source. However, the rifle is not equipped with Sound-Loc AirFore technology, so it is not that quiet.

The body is made of synthetic material, comes with the whole back and is really well crafted. The overall length is 48.5 inches and the weight is 8 pounds. 490 cc air tank cm can be filled with compressed air or dry nitrogen.

The disadvantage of the Texan Big Bore is that the rifle has no open sights and only fires 1 shot before reloading.

The price of an AirForce Texan air rifle with a large barrel will set you back at least $1,000 — but, it’s the best PCP air rifle available for that amount.

Number 3. Stalker SPM

A powerful air pistol that attracts attention at a low price. A replica of the widespread PM (Makarov Pistol). It practically has no differences with combat counterparts — both in terms of dimensional characteristics, and taking into account external data. Balls (4.5 mm) are used as ammunition, and the clip is designed for 20 rounds.

The store is located in the handle. Bullets are delivered to the barrel cut using a metal spring. The cylinder with the gas mixture is located in the handle. The barrel is fixed with a hidden screw located at the bottom of the handle.

There are no moving mechanisms in the design of the pistol, so pneumatics is considered a reliable weapon, it will last a long time without losing its original characteristics. The likelihood of breakdowns and malfunctions is reduced to a minimum.

The initial speed of the bullet is about 120 m / s. If you additionally connect a simulated silencer, this parameter is significantly improved.

The barrel is smoothbore, so it does not need to be serviced frequently. The semi-automatic mode of operation and the double-type trigger mechanism greatly simplify operation.

The design of the Stalker SPM provides a fuse — a mechanical switch of the flag type. The rear sight and front sight cannot be adjusted.

Russian-made air pistol, made of aluminum alloy and gun steel. There are plastic cheeks on the handle, which improve the similarity of the Stalker SPM with a real PM. The case is made in black, and the total weight due to the use of aluminum alloy was only 0.31 kg.

Crosman PCP Challenger is the most accurate air rifle of 2021

Crosman Corporation is a US-based sport shooting rifle manufacturer. The company was founded in 1924 under the name «Crosman Rifle Company». They are renowned for their airgun designs and the accuracy of their products.

Crosman PCP Challenger has a double construction of polymeric materials. The mounting rail is 11 mm. The butt pad is adjustable to increase the length of the rifle from 38.75″ to 41.75″. Its weight is 7.3 kg.

Recently, the rifle was approved for use in Sporter class air rifle competition by the National Three Position Air Rifle Board. This rifle is designed for competition, not for hunting.

If you’re looking for an air rifle for competition shooting, the Crosman PCP Challenger is a good choice at around $650.

Which air gun is better

An air pistol is not suitable for self-defense, however, our ranking of the best air pistols recommends quality models for recreational, training and sports shooting. We analyzed the opinions of professionals, forum discussions, compared technical specifications and build quality, identifying the three most balanced models:

  • If you need an accurate, powerful pistol from the sports segment, we recommend Ataman-M1-U.
  • An excellent gun for shooting at banks and competitions with high accuracy, spear and accuracy Stalker S92ME;
  • The Borner WC 401 is inexpensive to maintain, economical, accurate, lightweight, and suitable for beginners.

We recommend taking a ramrod and a holster with the pistol. So it will be possible to clean the barrel, carry the gun immediately with you for recreational shooting. Also don’t forget to take out the gas cartridges after shooting. They tend to discharge, and carrying a loaded weapon is prohibited by law.

4. Benjamin Marauder is the most popular air rifle in 2019

Benjamin Marauder, is obviously the most popular air rifle in 2019. Perhaps what is attractive about this rifle is the high level of built-in customization options. You can adjust muzzle velocity, shots per bay, fill pressure, and trigger settings. You have the ability to adjust trigger pull, trigger position, and make adjustments to the first and second stages of trigger pull. All of these customization options are clearly laid out in the user manual — you don’t have to be a pro to make this weapon yours in every possible aspect.

And the muzzle force of a Benjamin Marauder rifle is more than enough to kill small to medium game like pigeons, raccoons and rabbits.

The Most Powerful Air Pistols You Can Carry Without a License

The most powerful air pistols without a license in Russia

On the other hand, gas means a pistol or revolver, the energy of which is acquired from the energy of a sharply expanding gas compressed in a cylinder. But by all the rules, such a weapon should be called pneumatic.

Let us consider in detail what parameters you should pay attention to when buying pneumatic weapons, because depending on the purpose, you need to consider different models.

The principle of operation of pneumatics

Consider those models that convert the energy of a compressed gas into the kinetic energy of a bullet. Normal air or carbon dioxide can be used as the gas.

To imagine the principle of operation of pneumatic weapons, it is enough to recall the «spitting» tube, from which, for sure, everyone in childhood shot the fruits of red mountain ash. Despite the fact that such a homemade wind device does not resemble modern air pistols, the principle of operation has remained unchanged.

By pressing the trigger, the shooter releases gas from the cylinder, which, by expanding, transfers energy to the bullet. According to the method of gas compression, all pneumatics can be divided into three groups:

  1. Devices requiring constant air supply.
  2. A weapon that uses carbon dioxide in cylinders.
  3. Piston devices.

The most powerful air pistols without a license in Russia

It must be emphasized that the most successful rifle designs are based on a piston mechanism. The first two types of weapons are represented by pistols and revolvers:

  • Swap systems. After each shot it is necessary to replenish the tank with compressed air. For this, manual or compressor pumping is provided. On the basis of manual pumping, rifles are arranged, for the most part, but pistols are also found. With manual pumping, the arrow sets in motion a lever connected to the piston, thereby replenishing a special reservoir. The speed of a bullet in this type of weapon is quite high, it can reach a value of 200 m / s. If pumping is done with the help of a compressor, then one refueling is enough for 15-20 shots. Naturally, with this method of pumping, the speed of the bullet exceeds two hundred meters per second.
  • Carbon dioxide systems. Perhaps the pistols that use bottled carbon dioxide can be called the most popular. Although expensive to maintain, these systems are easy to use. It is enough to insert the cylinder into the handle and release the gas into the tank. Among all the characteristics, the exact number of gas shots from one cylinder cannot be specified. The fact is that the amount of gas used depends on external climatic conditions. The speed of a bullet in pistols of this type is about 120 m / s.
  • piston systems. A rifle with a piston device will have to be reloaded every time, however, semi-automatic weapons have recently appeared, represented not only by rifles, but also by pistols. Reloading comes from the energy of the return spring, which means that after a shot, the weapon is ready to fire again. Piston type devices are considered the least powerful. Their muzzle energy does not exceed 3 J, which allows you to buy such specimens without any restrictions.

Airguns without a license

The most powerful air pistols without a license in Russia

Purchasing an air gun is like any other purchase. In each case, we want to receive a product with the highest performance. Even if pneumatics are used for self-defense, it is advisable to purchase a copy with the highest power from the entire segment of permitted weapons.

First, let’s determine which characteristics should be of interest to us, because you cannot try a pistol on a live target. The impact ability of a pistol bullet depends on its mass and speed. Not everyone can guess the mass of a bullet in a gun shop, but we know that it is proportional to its diameter.

So you need to focus on the caliber, that is, the diameter of the barrel. All pneumatics with a caliber up to 4.5 mm inclusive do not require permission to carry and store, however, several more parallel conditions must be met.

The most powerful air pistols without a license in Russia

The speed of the bullet directly affects the range of its flight, as well as the impact force. The indicator at which you can use weapons without a license is 145 m / s. However, the conditions are not limited to this. A homogeneous characteristic is the muzzle energy. This is a value that can be determined from the device passport.

Crosman Repeat air 1077 CO2 is the best budget air rifle

For less than $100 you can get this amazing CO2 air rifle. His 12-shot repeater has won the hearts of many. Actually, Crosman repeat air 1077 was chosen as a biathlon rifle, where the participants needed a safe and good rate of fire air rifle.

Also, it should be noted the possibility of repeating 12 shots. Not many air rifles in the same price range include this feature.

The accuracy of the Crosman Repeat is not very great, so you will need to purchase a good quality scope separately.

Crosman 2100B Air Rifle is the best air rifle for teenagers and beginner shooters

Young shooters find it difficult to use an air rifle that is too heavy or too big for them. Weight at 4.81 pounds makes Crosman 2100B the best choice for teenagers, and the overall length of 39.75 inches is also acceptable for them.

To achieve maximum speed, you may need Crosman Copperhead BB ammunition with 5.21 FPE muzzle energy.

How to choose an air gun

To buy an air gun without a license, choose models with a muzzle energy up to 7.5 Joules in a sports and recreational style. When choosing, pay attention to the type of ammunition, the principle of operation of the shutter, the presence of a blowback, the degree of copying, caliber, weight, size. The speed, realism and economy of the shot depend on the blowback and the shutter. A pistol up to 500 g is suitable for professionals. It is harder to aim with it due to hand tremor and recoil. In this case, you should choose a model with a silencer.

The VyborEksperta.ru team has identified a number of parameters by which a pistol is selected.


According to their purpose, pistols are divided into sports, entertainment and training. Accuracy is not necessary for recreational shooting, muzzle energy is less than 3 J. In sports shooting, accurate and powerful models are selected. Balancing on the axis near the trigger is important. Often they are distinguished by a high price and quality of the material.

For self-defense, air pistols are unsuitable for two reasons: insufficient power and depressurization of the gas compartment. At the right moment, there may simply be no gas, and if the enemy is also in winter clothes … There is also a legal side, which says that pneumatics are intended only for entertainment, competition and the army.

But for the drive, a model with automatic shooting is perfect. In weapons for entertainment, a metal rifled barrel is important, which increases the accuracy of the shot. In sports, the size and construction of the handle is judged. It should fit snugly in one hand.

Lead bullets are prioritized. Due to their weight, they slow down longer and break through denser surfaces.

Type of ammunition

There are several types of ammunition: flat, hemispherical, conical, expansive, animated, spherical, light-noise, armor-piercing, cap, dart bullets.

Most often, spherical, conical, light-noise and cap bullets are used in pneumatics. Light noise are made of plastic and have a high price, but they are less traumatic. The most common shape is spherical, or BB-balls.

Soft lead bullets are used for rifled pneumatics. Bullets vary in weight. Usually, lungs of 0.25-0.35 g of match type are used, or in the form of diabolo.

Shooting balls from a rifled barrel will eventually damage the rifling and reduce the accuracy of the weapon, so we do not recommend firing them from a rifled barrel.

Operating principle

According to the principle of operation, there are four types of pistols: spring-piston, PCP, compression and pneumatic.

Pneumatic use a system of gas cylinders. This is the main type of handguns used in recreational shooting due to their high safety and no need for a license.


Blowback is a mechanism that imitates the movement of the bolt of a firearm. The shutter moves first back, then forward and expends the energy of the shot. This makes the shot less powerful and accurate, reduces speed. But it looks very realistic.

Blowback pistols are recommended for professionals who can handle recoil.

copy number

Spearness — the degree of similarity with the prototype, according to which the weapon was designed. It not only copies the design of the original, but is also made from the same materials and in the same factory as the original.


In terms of caliber, pneumatics come in 4.5, 5.5, 6.35, 9, 12.7 mm. The larger the caliber, the more powerful and heavier the weapon. The last two calibers are found in the USA with rifles. In Russia, the 4.5 mm caliber is common, as it is often associated with the maximum muzzle energy allowed without a license in sports and recreational shooting.

The best body armor

The best body armor

Benjamin Titan GP — the best value for air rifle

In terms of return on investment, the air rifle took the crown. Nitro Benjamin Titan GPmanufactured by Crosman.

The Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston air rifle has an original, great looking wood case that gives a special feel to your hands. This is a gas-piston rifle that has a ventilated rubber pad in the end plate to absorb recoil.

The rifle is not that light, weighing 6.75 pounds without scope and mounts, and is 43.5 inches long with a 15-inch barrel.

With a range of up to 50 yards, the Benjamin Titan GP nitro piston rifle can be deadly accurate and fast enough to get the job done. This rifle can be used to shoot cans and small animals such as birds, rabbits and squirrels.

Only around $130 is a great price for a rifle with a percussion barrel that is absolutely accurate and hits just as hard as a PCP air rifle.

Air Arms S510 XS Xtra FAC Regulated — PCP’s Best Air Rifle

If beauty and neatness are important to you, you will find Air Arms S510 XS Xtra FAC a truly priceless air rifle. First things first — appearance. The traditional wooden case, in this case walnut, will surely enchant you. Paired with a black barrel and other metal details, you are sure to feel fashionable and stylish with this air rifle.

Not only looks but also performance is not compromised with this air rifle. It comes in three calibers: .177, .22 and .25.

At the rear end of the stock is a ventilated rubber butt pad that protects you from the recoil coming from the rifle when fired. The stock also prevents you from getting tired when aiming at a target. The air rifle barrel is a real Lothar Walther. Because of this, you can be sure of consistent, clean shots.

Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifle — the best gas-piston air rifle

This is the rifle that every avid hunter should try. When using lead bullets, the maximum speed is about 950 m per second. This was made possible by the gas piston used to fire the shot.

Compared to other air rifles Benjamin Trail NP Xl is one of the quietest. Therefore, you will be able to maintain stealth while hunting.

The Crosman Nitro piston is particularly popular for its smoother cocking, smoother firing, zero spring torque, zero spring fatigue, cold weather capability, and greater durability over a metal spring.

The hardwood body of the rifle is excellent and pairs well with the black metal details. The forearm grip is textured for a strong grip while shooting. Given that the air rifle weighs about 9.7 pounds with the scope attached, you need to hold it firmly or it could lose focus when firing, causing you to miss your target.

You may feel that the trigger on this rifle is a bit longer than you are used to. However, you can also customize it according to your preferences.


Blow gun H-01

Blow H-01

— a single-shot model of Turkish-made PPP. Classic sports modification. The gun can be used for recreational purposes. Fires 4.5 mm lead projectiles — inserted into the breech of the barrel. The initial speed reaches 120-130 m/s. The platoon method is a turning point. The rifled barrel provides accuracy.

The body and main structural elements are made of steel, and the handle is made of ABS plastic. The gun is comfortable, thanks to the anatomical handle. Adjustable sight with anti-reflective ring-type holder. Product weight — 940 gr., Dimensions — 320 × 140 × 34 mm.

The compactness of the Blow H-01 allows the shooter to stretch the training process. No need to spend money on consumables, such as carbon dioxide canisters. The product can be fired outside shooting galleries and shooting ranges due to muzzle energy less than 3 J.


4 790 rubles.

Rifle Baikal MP-61C

Baikal MP-61C

— a budget multi-shot Russian rifle of a spring-piston type. This is a modification of the previous model — MP-61: the manufacturer has reduced the power to 3 J. The ammunition accelerates to 130 m / s. The rifled barrel increases the accuracy and lethality of shooting. The magazine holds 5 4.5mm lead bullets when inserted horizontally. The platoon is carried out by a side lever. Single firing mode

The buttstock and forend are made of durable plastic, and the main parts are made of gun-grade steel, ensuring long-term operation of the product. The rifle is equipped with an open sight. Dimensions: 775(870)×62×210 mm. Weight is only 2.1 kg.

The optimal, affordable device for pleasant «shooting» with friends, sporting events and training.


7 155 rubles.

10. Air Arms TX200 — Best Spring Piston Air Rifle

Spring-loaded air rifles work by using the force of a piston to compress the air before firing.

Rifle Air Arms TX200 very popular among hunters and sportsmen. She has power, great finish, perfect fit and precision! She will charm you. The cheek is slightly raised for greater stability when aiming. The barrel is professionally blued, which further adds to the beauty of the weapon. For added safety, the Air Arms TX200 has an automatic safety and a two-stage trigger.

The only thing stopping you from buying this air rifle is that it doesn’t come with a scope.

Types of air rifles

All pneumatic weapons can be divided into several types.

Spring piston rifles

The principle of operation of such a weapon is to compress air in a cylindrical chamber with a piston, which is equipped with a tight cuff. This type of weapon, in turn, also comes in two types:

  • Rifles cocked by breaking the barrel;
  • Rifles in which the barrel is fixed, but there is an underbarrel or side platoon.


  • Simplicity of design;
  • The possibility of replacing the spring, in case of its failure;
  • Affordable cost.


  • A rifle with a breakable barrel loosens the barrel mount quite quickly, especially if you use the weapon regularly (rifles with a fixed barrel do not have such a drawback);
  • Strong recoil, which can adversely affect the installation of an optical sight;
  • Exposure to low temperatures;
  • Noisy during the shot, which can scare off potential prey.

With all the disadvantages of such weapons, spring-piston rifles are the most popular among most hunters due to their affordable price.

Compression Air Rifles

The name reflects the principle of operation of such weapons: compressed air is pumped into a reservoir designed for this purpose by means of a special built-in pump. The pump is started manually, the lever for this can be on the side or be built into the forearm.

Advantages of compression pneumatics:

  • autonomy;
  • no tangible return.


  • low shot power;
  • as a consequence of the first disadvantage, the need to carry out a certain amount of pumping before firing;
  • the interval between shots reaches 30 seconds, which is not very attractive in the process of hunting;
  • it is difficult to achieve the same pressure for a shot, due to manual inflation.

Of all the shortcomings that make such weapons not the most popular among hunters, low starting power is more often noted.

Carbon dioxide air rifles

A shot in such a weapon is provided by the energy of carbon dioxide, which is in liquefied form in a special cartridge. When carbon dioxide evaporates, pressure builds up in the canister, which forms the shot.

Advantages of CO2 rifles:

  • the possibility of a large number of shots from one cartridge;
  • a wide range of such weapons.


  • low accuracy of the shot;
  • weak shot power;
  • exposure to environmental influences;
  • low rate of fire.

PCP — Pneumatic

Pre-Charged Pneumatics (PCP) or pre-charged rifles are considered one of the best pneumatic options for hunting. The design feature of such weapons is the presence of a special cylinder, where air is injected under high pressure, which can reach 200-300 atmospheres.

The location of the compressed air cylinder can vary: it can be in the butt of a rifle or under the barrel.

Air is supplied by a special pump or compressor.

Advantages of PCP — pneumatics:

  • high power;
  • high accuracy of the shot;
  • independence from external environmental conditions;
  • rate of fire.


  • Additional injection equipment is required: pump, compressor or high pressure cylinder.

PCP — pneumatics is characterized by a high cost in comparison with the above-mentioned varieties.

Crosman M4-177 Multi-Pump Air Rifle — Best Multi-Pump Air Rifle

Multi-compression air rifles offer the user variable power. Usually, the rifle is pumped with forearm force, and it’s up to you how many times to pump. Just note that leveling up to 10 or more times can be tedious.

Pneumatic rifle Crosman M4-177 looks and feels like a combat M4. The M4 automatic rifle is very popular with the US military and is quickly replacing the once-famous M16, mainly due to the better shooting of the M4.

When moving on to this air pump air rifle, you will probably want to limit yourself to 40 yards. This is the most effective range for this air gun, but it can fire up to 100 meters. So you can use it for both indoor and outdoor shooting. And the dead silence of the weapon makes it even better for shooting indoors. Thanks to the steel explosives offered by the manufacturer, the air rifle will provide a bullet speed of up to 660 m / s.

A bit of history

The progenitor of pneumatics is considered to be wind pipes with a primitive design. The “barrel” reached a length of 50 centimeters, and poisoned darts were used instead of cartridges. Such weapons have become widespread among the tribes of North and South America, Indonesia, and Southeast Asia.

In some cases, the length of the product reached 2.5 meters, and sometimes a closed cylinder of a wider diameter was fixed at the end of the tube. A palm strike on the butt created pressure in the “muzzle” and the projectile flew out of it at a distance of up to one hundred meters.

A little later, the mechanic Ktesibius from Alexandria came up with the idea of ​​inserting a piston into an empty cylinder. Thanks to his invention, the world first saw a fire pump, and then catapults and crossbows. Today, similar mechanisms are used in some types of pneumatic weapons.

Winchester M14 — Best CO2 Air Rifle

You will definitely like an air rifle Winchester M14if your goal is to have fun.

Cooler temperatures result in slower bullet speeds. Therefore, it would be wise to go for a walk with this rifle in sunny weather. At 16 degrees Celsius, you can expect speeds of up to 550 m/s and an impact energy of around 3.13 joules. These energy values ​​are obviously low for meaningful hunting, unless you are hunting small insects such as cockroaches.

Using the M14 hard drive for targets more than 10m away may result in some inaccuracy. However, I would say that the accuracy levels are good for a too fair price range. This is not the kind of rifle you can fire multiple shots in quick succession with. Wait 5 seconds between shots for more consistency in shot speed.

Airforce Talon SS PCP is the best air rifle for hunting small game

Small game hunting requires precision due to the nature of the prey, including beaver, coyote, hazel grouse, muskrat, river otter, quail, woodcock, snipe, crow, opossum, rabbit, raccoon, skunk and other animals.

You can’t go wrong with an air rifle Airforce Talon SS PCP. From 1 to 50 yards, you are sure to hit the smallest game.

The maximum speed of a bullet from this rifle is about 1000 m per second. However, you can use the power adjustment wheel to set the rifle to your desired power level, up to 400m/s.

The hunter will also benefit from the 490cc removable air tank. cm, which you can fill yourself with scuba gear, a hand pump or an electric compressor. There is no need to remove the air reservoir for refilling as the Spin-Loc technology makes this possible.

Top 10 Best Rifles for Recreational and Practice Shooting

Silent Cat Air Riffle

10th place

Main technical data
Manufacturer: Gamo (Spain)
Caliber: 4.5 mm.
Trunk: threaded
The weight: 2.4 kg.
Type of: breaking, single shot
Price: 12 000 rubles

This spring-piston breaking rifle with a caliber of 4.5 mm. is very popular among shooters. Users note its low noise and relatively low weight.

The model is single-shot, the barrel is rifled. The kit includes a fiber optic front sight for the sight and a silencer, thanks to which noise is reduced by another 50%. However, the muffler also adds weight.

Silent Cat Air Riffle


  • high accuracy;
  • low noise;
  • does not require a permit to purchase;
  • ventilated butt pad;
  • no CO2 cartridges needed.


  • difficult to find on sale;
  • only suitable for right-handers.

Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle

9th place

Main technical data
Manufacturer: Umarex (Germany)
Caliber: 4.5 mm.
Trunk: threaded
The weight: 4.0 kg.
Type of: breaking, single shot
Price: 11 200 rub.

This model is an excellent option for shooting at long distances, with an optimal price-quality ratio. The rifle is suitable for both left-handers and right-handers, making it a versatile attachment.

The weapon is produced under license — a guarantee of quality from Umarex.

Despite the rather large weight, the gun is comfortable to use, and the fracture mechanism works smoothly. This means that a lot of effort when reloading is not required.

Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle


  • quality assembly;
  • price-quality ratio;
  • light platoon;
  • suitable for long distance shooting;
  • ergonomic design;
  • open and optical sight in the set.


Interesting! In carabiners with pre-pumping — PCP, air is pumped into a special cylinder. In the nineties of the last century, the owners of such weapons were jokingly nicknamed «scuba divers». Such rifles are convenient in that they can be mounted on barrels of any caliber.

Daisy Outdoor Products Red Ryder Gun

8th place

Main technical data
Manufacturer: Daisy (Japan)
Caliber: 4.5 mm.
Trunk: smooth
The weight: 1.1 kg.
Type of: lever, multi-charged
Price: 5 990 rubles

The legendary model, stylized as a western hard drive, has been admired by shooters around the world for decades.

Red Ryder is a classic version of a spring-piston rifle, designed primarily for beginners and young shooters, since it weighs only a kilogram.

More than affordable cost, with a good build quality, makes the gun a desirable purchase, and the magazine capacity of 650 balls will allow you to shoot even from morning to evening.

Of course, compared to professional pneumatics, the power and range of the model is small, but for entertainment and education — just right!

Daisy Outdoor Products Red Ryder Gun


  • design for real weapons;
  • capacious store;
  • good build quality;
  • butt and forearm made of wood;
  • affordable cost.


  • low power and range.

Interesting to know! Initially, Daisy Outdoor Products was engaged in the construction of mills. Each customer was offered an air rifle as a thank you gift by the owners. As a result, everyone liked these guns so much that the company stopped taking orders for the creation of mills and started producing airguns!

Hatsan AT44-10 Wood

7th place

Main technical data
Manufacturer: Hatsan (Turkey)
Caliber: 4.5 mm.
Trunk: smooth
The weight: 3.4 kg.
Type of: lever, multi-charged
Price: $38,895

This carbine is one of the highest quality repeating rifles. The AT44-10 stock is made of plastic or wood.

The cocking lever is on the side. In addition, manual pumping is required.

The magazine holds ten lead bullets.

Thanks to its excellent rate of fire, power and accuracy, the gun is suitable not only for recreational shooting, but also for hunting small game.

The model has open sights, but experienced shooters say that it is better to purchase an optical sight. There is a mount for it on the top of the barrel.

Hatsan AT44-10 Wood


  • quality assembly;
  • verified manufacturer;
  • high accuracy and range.


  • big weight;
  • manual pumping;
  • high price.

Interesting fact! There is no specific word in Russian for airgun cartridges. They are simply called «bullets» or «balls». But the British have such a word — «pellets».

Benjamin Marauder

6th place

Main technical data
Manufacturer: Crosman (USA)
Caliber: 4.5 mm.
Trunk: smooth
The weight: 3.4 kg.
Type of: lever, multi-charged
Price: 39 900 rubles

A classic model from the American manufacturer Crosman. The rifle is dressed in a wooden stock and equipped with a ten-round magazine.

Among other things, the developers provided for the presence of a pressure gauge and a convenient fuse.

Thanks to the manual bolt and spring-loaded magazine, the cartridges are delivered to the barrel on their own, which makes the carbine semi-automatic.

Users speak positively about the accuracy and range of fire from the described model.

Benjamin Marauder


  • solid wooden bed;
  • high accuracy and firing range;
  • reliability, proven over the years;
  • independent supply of bullets to the receiver.


  • the rifle is heavy;
  • high price.


5th place

Main technical data
Manufacturer: Baikal (Russia)
Caliber: 4.5 mm.
Trunk: threaded
The weight: 2.2 kg.
Type of: lever, single shot
Price: 4 150 rubles

Another classic model, but Russian-made.

The main advantages of the carbine are an affordable price, a fairly high-quality barrel, a lot of details in the design, which can be easily found in almost any gun store.

Such a sample is suitable for entertainment, as well as for teaching children. Of course, under adult supervision.

However, before buying, it is worth considering that you will have to use a file immediately after purchase. In this case, accurate shooting at a distance of 50 meters is ensured.



  • availability in gun shops;
  • quality stem;
  • affordable price.


  • lack of ergonomics;
  • uncomfortable butt;
  • obligatory processing by a file.


4th place

Main technical data
Manufacturer: Česká zbrojovka (Czech Republic)
Caliber: 4.5 mm.
Trunk: threaded
The weight: 3.0 kg.
Type of: single shot
Price: 49 500 rubles

This single-shot rifle is presented by a well-known Czech company, stylized as the Air Arms S200 and is distinguished by high shooting accuracy.

The owners of such a model speak positively about the quality of production and assembly, despite the simplicity of the design.

The carbine is equipped with a separate wooden stock. Cheek and trigger are adjustable.

Despite the rather large weight and high cost, the rifle is popular among beginners and lovers of sports shooting.



  • design for the original weapon;
  • quality assembly;
  • adjustable trigger;
  • high shooting accuracy.


  • big weight;
  • high price;
  • difficult to find spare parts.

Airforce TalonSS

3rd place

Main technical data
Manufacturer: Airforce Airguns (USA)
Caliber: 4.5 mm.
Trunk: threaded
The weight: 2.4 kg.
Type of: single-shot, pre-pumped
Price: 75 000 rubles

This single-shot model is originally from the USA and consists essentially of three parts:

  • a high-pressure cylinder that also acts as a butt;
  • receiver shock-lubricating mechanism;
  • twelve-inch Lothar Walther barrel.

Depending on the pumping of the tank, the number of shots is regulated. In addition, the shooter can change the caliber and length of the rifle barrel in a few movements.

On the left side of the body there is a special wheel for controlling and changing the power of the shot.

Airforce TalonSS


  • quality assembly;
  • multifunctionality;
  • light weight;
  • power adjustment wheel;
  • the ability to change the caliber and length of the barrel.


  • high price;
  • expensive and hard-to-find replacement parts.

Beeman Longhorn

2nd place

Main technical data
Manufacturer: Airforce Airguns (USA)
Caliber: 4.5 mm.
Trunk: threaded
The weight: 3.7 kg.
Type of: single-shot, breaking
Price: 10 000 rubles

The traditional rifle with a breakable barrel stands out among other models for its special strength and ease of operation. The breaking mechanism is simple and reliable, the spring is elastic and durable.

The rifled barrel, made of high-strength steel, increases the range of the shot.

The stock of the carbine is made of a special polymeric material that can withstand changes in temperature and humidity. In addition, such a stock is much lighter than wood.

For a comfortable grip of the weapon, on the handguard and handle, ergonomically shaped, special notches are provided.

Beeman Longhorn


  • quality assembly;
  • anatomical handle;
  • suitable for both left-handed and right-handed;
  • durability of operation;
  • optical sight in the set, with the possibility of replacement;
  • affordable price.


  • hard shutter;
  • quite a lot of weight.

Daisy Match Grade Avanti 753S — the best air rifle for shooting competition

rifle model Match Grade Avanti Model 753S by Daisy is designed specifically for shooting competitions. Such competitions test the accuracy and speed of fire and involve the participation of both individuals and teams. They are held at designated shooting ranges or temporary shooting ranges at a sufficient distance from people and «civilization».

The maximum range of the rifle is 257 yards. This air rifle will give you a maximum bullet speed of 495 m/s when using medium loads.

The rifle features a right-handed Lothar Walther stainless steel barrel with 12 bores, allowing you to tailor the barrel to your ideal fit. The exact bore of the barrel exactly matches the dimensions of the charges.

On carbon dioxide

Revolver Gletcher NGT F Silver

Gletcher NGT F Silver

— the best revolver-type pneumatics, exactly repeating the combat analogue of the legendary Nagant. The filling screw is hidden inside the case. Up to 100 4.5 mm spherical bullets can be fired from one cartridge (12 gr.). The initial speed reaches 110 m/s. The charging process is similar to the original. Complete with pneumatics are 7 false cartridges. USM double action (semiautomatic).

Performance at a high level. The body and the main parts of the product are made of a durable metal alloy, the lining is made of ABS plastic, stylized as a tree. On the right side of the frame there is a safety box (non-automatic). The rear sight with the front sight is not regulated. The mass of the revolver is 700 gr., and the total length is 230 mm.

An excellent device for collectors, entertaining and practical shooting. Gletcher NGT F Silver stacks shells closely, there are no backlashes. It is recommended to additionally buy spare false cartridges and a holster.


9 386 rubles.

Gun Umarex Glock-17

Umarex Glock-17

— a smooth-bore pneumatic pistol that has a stunning resemblance to a combat Austrian. Capacious store — 18 bullets type BB 4.5 mm. Initial speed — 115 m / s. Good tightness. Semi-automatic fire mode. The realism of shooting is provided by the blowback system, while the consumption of CO2 is economical.

The case in black execution from shock-resistant plastic, and the main parts from metal. There is an underbarrel strap for mounting a flashlight or laser pointer. Rear sight and front sight fixed. Provided with a mechanical fuse against accidental shots. Product weight — 705 gr. Length: total — 200 mm, barrel — 96 mm.

The licensed model from the German manufacturer lies perfectly in the hand, pleasant tactile sensations. Umarex Glock-17 is worth the money. Suitable for practical and recreational shooting, collecting.


14 680 rubles.

Umarex Morph 3x CO2 — Best Air Rifle + Pistol Under $100

It’s okay to be on a budget and still have the urge to buy stuff! Umarex made it possible with an air rifle Morph 3x CO2. For less than $100 you can get this amazing air rifle. Of course, don’t expect overly advanced features in this price range.

But, Umarex has really won the hearts of many shooting enthusiasts by combining a rifle and a pistol in one air rifle. You can use it like a pistol or a rifle!

As a rifle, the Umarex Morph 3X will give you a top speed of 600m per second. With a pistol, you can shoot balls at a maximum speed of 380 meters per second. The 30-shot magazine is quite commendable. A 12g CO2 capsule is used as an energy source. Fixed sights will also be of great help to you when shooting.


Which pneumatics to choose? For recreation and entertainment, all samples with a power index of less than 7.5 J and a barrel diameter of 4.5 mm are suitable. If the caliber is larger, then without a license you can buy models up to 3 J, related to the KSOI, in accordance with the Federal Law «On Weapons». This category includes samples for CO2 and IFR.

PCP is also weakened by manufacturers under the requirements of Russian legislation — up to 3 J. Models with a caliber of 4.5, 5.5 and 6.35 mm are freely purchased. Suitable for all purposes — training, competition, hunting. But, after strengthening the «air» of caliber 5.5 or 6.35, you will need to obtain permission from the local LRO.

All types of pneumatics with DE over 7.5 units. are sold under a license, sports passport or hunter’s ticket. Samples for professional sports have a smooth descent for aimed shooting. Large caliber PCP rifles (greater than 6.35 mm) are designed exclusively for hunting.

All devices from AirSoft-RUS are suitable for recreational and practical shooting. A beginner should stop at a gas-balloon pistol or a spring-piston rifle. After gaining weapon handling skills, you can consider PSP.
22 October 2021


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